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Another Unique find (probably)

Article about: John i may take you up on that if you dont mind, next big show down your end maybe, hope to see you in Leeds and have a chat regards Ronnie

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    Default Another Unique find (probably)

    Some of you would have read my thread on the discovery of George Nugent on the somme. As i said in that thread, i did an awefull lot of battlefield walking during the 80's and 90's. Here is another one of my unique finds. Discovered a few miles from Ypres in 1985, lying in a wood that at one time formed part of the German front line. This No1 Mk3* was complete apart from the butt, and fore end furniture Encased in blue clay, it was in reasonable condition, or so i thought. Having declared it at customs on the way back, and getting the nod of approval, having been de- activated by other means, I set about soaking all the metal in "plusgas" (rust remover) I managed to source the missing pieces, stripped soaked cleaned and cleaned some more. It ended up as you see it.The comparison photos of before and after show the split in the woodwork. It is on my Firearms cert, and i have shot it, hitting a "V" bull at 600yds at Bisley. It gave me a cold shiver to know that this rifle actually saw war service.....guaranteed! I try not to shoot it much, after all the old girl is getting on a bit, but it is, in my opinion, quite a unique weapon, one which i would never ever part with

    Hope you like it as much as i do
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_0001_1.JPG   IMG_0002_1.JPG  

    IMG_0005_1.JPG   IMG_0007_1.JPG  

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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    Wow John, that is again quite a story!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    Thanks Ade. I have been offered a lot of money for it,a few years ago, the president of the Lee Enfields shooters club begged me to sell it. But i never will, i have about 9 in total from the Somme, all with some sort of "story to them" and around 2000 rounds of ammo, all WW1 dated. practically every head stamp.....yes i know sad!

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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    love the pictures john,whats the score with relic rifles do you need a certificate for them ? as the few i have had would blown up if you tried to fire them

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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    To be honest, with today's climate and public opinion as it is, I think that any "weapon" however sorry it might look, needs to be examined by a RFD to determine its serviceability. I know of at least 2 people who have returned from trips to France recently, and had their "trophies" confiscated, not by the French, but by the British authorities. This just goes to re- enforce the ignorance of the minority when it comes to firearms. however the Enfield in question once cleaned, was tested using proof cartridges before being sent off to the proof house. I must say that it was an agonising choice to make, but one that had to be made, as deactivating it would have destroyed its soul. Happily its ok, and sits locked away for 11 months of the year. Please do not try to fire any wrecks you may have, the pressures that the chambers generate are phenomenal. The Enfield fires at 20 tons per square inch! enough to give you a serious headache if anything should go wrong!

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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    Thanks john i would not dream of fireing any of those that i have found, but just to be on the safe side, i made sure and welded a rod down the barrels of all mine ,sad i no, but as you have said in todays climet its better be safe than sorry,here are some pictures of mine
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Picture 826.jpg   Picture 802.jpg  

    Picture 805.jpg  
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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    Nice collection, looks a bit like mine to some, its a pile of rust, but to others..... I do honestly believe that piles of rust tell more of a story than any "minty" item!

    love the Lee and the wobbly

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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    wow wat a n amazing job of restoring it it looks beautiful now

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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    cracking job on that John wouldn't mind seeing it in the flesh maybe at the next fair eh
    regards Ronnie

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    Default Re: Another Unique find (probably)

    Quote by 85ronnies View Post
    cracking job on that John wouldn't mind seeing it in the flesh maybe at the next fair eh
    regards Ronnie
    Hi Ronnie
    Fraid I couldn't do that mate. I'd get put away, transporting a live weapon without good cause. Maybe if your down my way on day I'll show you the collection
    cheers mate

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