These items were found recently during a long awaited visit to the Ardennes battlefields. I have spent quite a while searching through various pictures and webpages, but I am still unable to identify a few of the items.

I have lightly cleaned the aluminium shell fuses, the larger one appears to be German (Markings I can make out are VO15 & M4). The small one has the following markings – RY 43 138B 25L III COL 3 E.
Any ideas as to what these are from?

I found the items grouped together very close to each other. I can identify the K98 stripper clip, the German webbing buckle and the ‘opened up’ .50cal bullet head, but I am struggling with the other items.

Bottom left is possibly a German toothpaste tube?
In the report it was mentioned that a German artillery piece was at the position of these finds, the handle could be from this?
The other piece of steel with the hole slightly off centre looks as though it could be a butt plate of some kind?

Finally, the small fuse alongside the exploded .30 cal case, looks to be the top part of a 60mm US mortar fuse?

Hopefully someone will be able to help me with these!

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