but you have to work hard for the treasure!
Mate ~ You said it right there!! ! Never a truer word spoken ~

Folks ask as to how I have done so well ~

It is all about perservering.. I have an Uncle ~ a very old man now ~ and in his 90s ~ But when I was very young we used love to go fishing and he woudl go by jimself in his boat and basically he would NOT go home till he had caught a Good fish!

I think i took a Life lesson from him even if I did not realise at the time ~ I just persevere ~ and I NEVER write off a Site despite what other "colleagues" may say about a site ~

Persevereance is the Key ~ and i am VERY happy to do a Solo as there is NO pressure ~ Sure I enjoy company ~ but I am also happy to just get out there ~ on my Pat Mah Lone ~