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Australian WWII - Far North Queensland Metal detecting and recovery

Article about: Hi Blokes ~ I am posting this as an going blog for interested parties that have been following my fossicking of (extensive) WWII ~ Far North Qld Australia . This area has been described in r

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    Your 9mm round looks like a .38/200 round from the Enfield revolver

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    Hey mate Ive been going back to that mystery item a few times and maybe its an air/water/oil quick release coupling?

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    As m3 has pointed out, your 9mm is actually a .380, as the cartridge is rimmed. The cartridge stuffed into your 303 looks like that is a 9mm as it appears to be rimless

    Your 25lbers are called 'base ejecting smoke' rounds and each contained 3 smoke canisters. These would be ejected from the base of the shell as determined by the fuze settings, thus creating a smoke screen. If you're lucky, you may find some brass discs on your site which held the canisters in place. Find one, try it in the base of your 25lber and, if it fits, it's the cover plate

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    Cheers blokes. thanks for the input ~ I never really considered the variance to a .38 calibre ~

    But thanks ~

    If you're lucky, you may find some brass discs on your site which held the canisters in place. Find one, try it in the base of your 25lber and, if it fits, it's the cover plate
    Cheers again Steve ~

    And Yes~ Lady Luck HAS smiled upon me and I have some five or six of the brass separation discs ~ most has the D symbol in a square stamped on the centre of the disc.

    We are planning a third recce to the site this weekend and may even camp over ~

    I am already way ahead of you as last trip I found one of the cannisters and it sure does fit perfectly into the 25 lber shell as do the brass plates and the steel backing plate ~ Of course the larger plates fit the 4.5" shell~

    The next trip we are hoping to access a 2 pounder range where there is reportedly large amounts of solid shot !

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    Hey AT,

    You should look at doing a youtube channel, sounds like you have the material for a good MD video channel, with ordinance and the army them selves! Not to mention all the excitement of every other find! Thanks for posting them!


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    Funny you should say that sa I have a few relevant U Tube vids ( plus some other unrelated ) ~ but I am planning on such a video venture ~ I have a week off as of Friday this week so might see what we can put together eh ~

    Stuart SS - YouTube
    Stuart SS - YouTube

    And intriguingly ~ referring to the bullet issue.. I never considered the .38 as i was focused on tneh Drum bung to honest as I have found that is related to the company that made the bung .. and they are still in business ~ The bung will have a code which will give date of manufacture ~ How kind of them `

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    Oh very cool! I'll be sure to watch them! Thanks a lot,

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    Heading out tomorrow ~ early ~ the back country again ~

    Round three ~ but what makes this special ~ is the fact that the Relics and Munitions guru "Bill" is (maybe) going with us ~

    This man's reputation precedes all ~ and I am told by different sources he is a real gentleman~ plus he is a qualified and very experienced disarmer of live munitions ~ and very experienced relic hunter ~

    So it seems we are now ~ really going truly professional !

    Should be an amazing day regardless !! Apparently "Bill" feels that we have "barely touched the tip of the iceberg" as it were on this site ~

    First up retrieval of more cases ~ review the actual 25 pounder firing position ~ plus a 2 pounder firing position ~

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    Another HUGE day Saturday ~

    Only three of us fronted up ~ Ed had family, and the Munitions Guru 'Bill' ( who had decided it was time to join us ) also folded . Pity as he is the one that pointed us to the latest site !

    ( His credentials in this field and his collection as seen below are quite astounding )

    So three of us headed out around 06.00 am ~

    As has been of late the dry season produced clean very crisp cool early mornings ~ which steadily climbs to the low 30 deg C.

    But the biggest issue is the hard countryside with shale stoney ground, coupled with lots of hills ~ Saturday was perhaps the worst rough country we have seen to date ~

    How the soliders of the 1940s survived the country simply relates just how tough those blokes were ~ Hot dry, rugged country ~

    We operated under a different direction today ( from Bill) and headed into a cattle station ~ with permission ~

    Again a tad non optimistic we headed out.. and soon yours truly was the first to find three objective targets~ LOL

    Two pounder shell.( Actually in nice shape despite the photo!)

    We actually ~ finally ~ found a camp site and a number of gun pits which tells us that the troops and guns were embedded on site ~ The samples we found in fact we believe are ricochets!!

    We also agreed these guns were firing at or more to the point OVER a large hill some 150 metres above the area we first explored ~ as we are already familiar with the finds and excursions on the other side ~

    This is really ~ really HARD country and walking it is hard hot work ~

    Time out !

    So head to stage 2 for the day ~ This was not really anticipated ! An intact UXO !

    Walk away !

    Then as time went on I scored this cracker find ~ very rare score ~ Ripper ~

    100 % harmless ~

    We headed off again around 13.00 hrs ~ stopped off for a cold beer and back to town ~

    We headed over to Billís place and spent several hours with us , checking our stuff and showing us his collection of many years !

    Bill was also glad to show us some imploded examples -

    My cut of the booty today ~ ALL ~ inert ~

    Bill rang me last night to arrange to go out Monday morning to check out several of the UXOs which are a serious concern ~ He feels the 3.5" mortars are in fact Gas shells ~

    Good thing I am off work for a short break ~

    (This bloke is that security and safety / professional anchor to our entire MD operations ~ Cool!)

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    It may be worth taking some red spray paint to mark the area/UXO. We used to waist hours looking for reported items because we only had vague directions. Also a photo of the broad area taken from a prominent position and with an arrow or similar showing where the item is located is spot on.

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