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Australian WWII - Far North Queensland Metal detecting and recovery

Article about: Hi Blokes ~ I am posting this as an going blog for interested parties that have been following my fossicking of (extensive) WWII ~ Far North Qld Australia . This area has been described in r

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    Cheers M3

    This particular area is a camp site with a workshop area further down the hill from the nearest tent/ camp ~ I have found a multitude of bits including primer flash tubes , grenade base screw/s and others ~ no frags ~ but heaps of 303 blanks, the .38 Webbly rimmed cartridge and even the USA services button!

    Lots of trash heap/s of well as this would appear in the extreme ~ the low ground perimeter of the camp which occuppied most of the higher ground ~

    The general consensus is that the chock is in fact an artillery wheel chock as the Aircraft ones tend to be aluminium or even rubber covered ~ and I don’t recall seeing any loops or such to attach ropes to .

    I broke my own rule by ~ “Never discard anything till you establish exactly what it is!" Now I have to go back retrieve and it will be headed for a clean in the Molasses and a fresh paint job!! LOL

    (Already set up for a run to the back country this weekend and armed with permission to enter station property ~ we are looking at another artillery training area ~ Two pounders this time ~ )

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    The LC 42 stamp is very very clear and the blast cap looks more like a 50cal than a 30cal. With such a close up picture it is difficult to be sure, but I think it's a 50, not a 30.

    As M3 says, the headstamp on the blanks will tell us more about them if you could let us know what they are please.

    And LOLOLOL ! “Never discard anything till you establish exactly what it is!".............catches even the most experienced of us out a couple of times before we finally learn

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    Here is a shot of the US cartridge end ~

    And the 303 Blanks

    44 LV MH

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    I was referring to the older post that had no identification attached to the blanks and am aware the .223 and 5.56mm run through the same guns...

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    I plan on retrieving the Scotche / chock today and will give soem specific dimensions, ( any thoughts on the exact artillery piece it may have been used with would be greatly appreciated~)

    Cheers all

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    Defo a 50cal then

    As for your blanks, they are indeed just that.

    MH = Small Arms Ammunition Factory No 3, Hendon, AUSTRALIA
    44 = Year of manufacture
    L = Blank
    V = Mark five

    Grenade discharger 'blanks' would be stamped 'H'.

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    Well ~ Saturday ~

    Finally returned to recover the wheel chock on site ~ Headed out the earliest yet for the local sites ~ at 08.30 ~ which put me on site around 09.00 hrs ~

    But before I dug it back up again ~ I decided to do a 30 minute sweep of the immediate area ~ as it is a WWII workshop, camp and trash site !

    Impressed by just how resilient Mother Nature ~ (How long has this little bugger been, lurking beneath the water, waiting literally for his day in the Sun !

    Very quickly the hits came thick and fast ~ but being a high trash area it was down to sifting the better targets ~

    But thirty minutes turned into two hours!

    But eventually I decided to pull up pegs and move to the originally planned site! BUT of course not before I collected the chock ~

    Intriguingly it turns out the chock actually does have Lanyon end mounts ~

    SO ~ is this really a aircraft chock removed from the Mareeba air field where the USAF had B17s based, up till end of 1943 ! ??

    But by the time I returned to the car it was 11.00 am ~ and as I am heading to the back country tomorrow ~ I figured it was enough for today ~ and as I wanted to close some other issues before Monday ~ I headed for home base ~

    But it was an impressive couple of hours ~ and it is really is al about that horrible stinking ~ rotten ground base dam water ~

    Left to right

    1 Brass radiator Thermostat

    1 Brass filler cap cover (??) (Seen before.)

    1939 Penny (Nice)

    1 * standard brass button.

    303 Blanks ~ (heaps of them)

    1 * 20 mm AP round head

    Sample beer bottle ~ (like to “ariss” and make feature piece )

    1* 2” Mortar safety clip

    2 * Artillery Flash tube.

    Misc mystery brass pieces , terminals, off cuts. Plus brass nut, brass cable ties.

    2 * Lead ingots.

    2 webbing end buckles.

    Well pleased with the few hours ~

    Where’s my Beer??!

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    A nice collection of finds. Can't see a 2inch mortar safety cap though. Do you mean a 2lber base safety cover?

    If you are getting 20mm AP, there will be 20mm HE around as well. Watch out for them as they are notoriously bad tempered little so-and-so's. Wouldn't want you losing a couple of fingers !

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    Hi Steve
    Yes you are right ..the two pounder safety tripod ~my mistake.

    I will be posting later today as I had one of my most spectacular finds to date, yesterday Sunday, when we were recce'ing a WWII site on or near a pioneer mining township, now abandoned - since the 1920-30s.

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    So after a great mini fossick on Saturday `~ Ed and I headed bush again, on Sunday ~

    With a constant threat of storms and rain, as the Wet season kicks in we headed off around 06.30 hrs, arriving on site around 07.30 ~

    Great day ~ with temps hovering around 27-30 degs. it was excessively humid which makes for often hot perspiring conditions ~

    Ironically we decided to park on a bush track with no evidence of dwelling or such in view. We rigged up as I was adamant that I am for one am not going to these areas without the Garrett.

    It was only a matter of ten minutes and some 5 metres that I pulled a high tone target ~ and to my total amazement I easily found the following item ~

    I would have been happy to go home right then and there ~ and why not ~ Over the Moon !

    Medal Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 Maltese Cross (Queen Victoria) at Time Was Antiques
    Medal Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 Maltese Cross (Queen Victoria) at Time Was Antiques

    Ironically it was keeping company with a 303 bullet head equally in nice condition~

    The area is historically demonstrated with a legacy of pioneer presences ~

    We spent the morning sweeping the area with a variety of items retrieved ~

    But eventually we considered the clouds and the increasing heat ~ and decided to depart around 13.00 hrs.

    As usual when I visit the area I always take home a horse shoe ~

    Plus several mineral ore samples. One if copper and the other may be silver (?)

    And we managed to find a few "bull nose" anti-tank 2 lbers ~

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