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Australian WWII - Far North Queensland Metal detecting and recovery

Article about: Hi Blokes ~ I am posting this as an going blog for interested parties that have been following my fossicking of (extensive) WWII ~ Far North Qld Australia . This area has been described in r

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    check you 2lber shells very carefully. Some had markings embossed into the body of the shell

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    Cheers Steve

    The better one of the four does have extensive engravings ~ " BHP 2689 MO P 2PR MKIX /X6 NS BS / ??

    Certainly has a lot to say for a lowly 2 pdr, eh ? LOL
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    Yeah, the markings are a bit over the top aren't they. Still, at least it has a date

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    Certainly has a lot to say for a lowly 2 pdr, eh ? LOL
    I bet the Japenese tanks that had run in's with these Australian Two pounders may not have quite agreed with my statement !

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    Update on my Shell restorations ~

    The Molasses gives a STUNNING result ~

    The shell collection to date ~ stage two.. more to follow with brass polishing to be completed ~

    ALL deemed safe by authorized local ~

    Two Pounder case plus “Squash head” anti –tank round –Solid shot – Plus AP solid shot two pounder / 40 mm

    HE shell case ( rare 'fired' find. Intact and disarmed = 25 lber. )

    Smoke round 4.5”

    Unusual impacted flattened body ~ Smoke shell ~ 4.5”

    2 * Smoke shells 25 lber

    Base plate from 25 lber case = inscribed with specifications

    All but 2 lbers immersed in Molasses for < 2- 3 weeks> .
    Merete, better half Luvs them ~ She reckons they are the BIG WOWW Factor ~
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    Saturday ~ I headed out around 11.30 and headed for the Scout camp where I found the 1967 Colt AR rounds and the clutch of decimal (post 1966 ) coins ~ but to my HORROR ~ the camp was over flowing with boats and peeps ~

    So I headed back to the Fun Park ~ despite the water is steady at 62% I was ready for Plan B and I bought along the Gummies ~

    The water is border line rank ~ IMO and thus I wear the Gummies as I tend to stir up the bottom ~ an older lady and her son and toddler waded in metres from me and took a dip~ ( Have that on your own Pet ! ~ BTW)

    Ironically she asked what I was chasing.. She thought I was after bait fish!! ( WArrtt!! ) LOL

    In fact She lives in one of the houses further up the hill ~ and was not even aware that the area even had a history of WWII occupancy or presence ~

    I explained that I had even fossicked right to her back fence and found badges and coins ~ She was quite aghast merely by my finds, rather than the fact I MD to her back fence ~

    So after a few hours wading and even working the higher ground, with some intriguing results ~

    Foremost ~ My oldest coin to date ~ in a metre of water ~ well all three were in the water ~

    Penny 1889

    Penny- date unknown

    Half Penny 1929

    Mystery items ~
    Brass fitting ??????
    Plus very strange 303 cartridge ????? ‘ ALS 4 NXC (?) OR ; - - 94 (?)

    The hammer head (Lead) had me bamboozled right up until I cleaned the dirt off ~ found in high ground ~

    “Australia” shoulder badge

    Webbing buckles incl. one with tang

    AMF tunic button

    Nice brass bolt (even though damaged ~ Ripper!)

    Brass ring ~ no idea

    The mystery round ~ Assist appreciated on this one!

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    I can make out VII 194? (Cant read the last date digit) which is a Mk7 round from 194?, I cant make out the manufacturer code. It looks to have been in a fire or some ones broken the bullet off the cartridge as its unfired, perhaps someone wanted the filling to help start a camp fire.

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    Yes.. the thing has not been fired.. and has the cordite intact ... A little bizare ~ both of us have endeavoured to read the inscription but can't quite make it ~

    The fact that the upper casting is perfect and even, says it is no accident that it is 'cast' that way ~ ???

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    Here is a comparison of the cartridges ~ 303 ~ Blank and the Mystery item ~ and finally the 303 Full metal jacket

    Reiterating that the mystery item is still loaded ~ and the upper ridge is perfectly cast ~

    I have measured the OD of each.... and logically the mystery item would not fit the breach of a stock LE !


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    Just had an intriguing email from our "in house" expert ~

    2nd item in first photo is No. 6 booby trap switch.
    Explosives and Booby Traps of the Auxiliary Units

    What a find !

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