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Australian WWII - Far North Queensland Metal detecting and recovery

Article about: Hi Blokes ~ I am posting this as an going blog for interested parties that have been following my fossicking of (extensive) WWII ~ Far North Qld Australia . This area has been described in r

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    Another up-date

    your mystery round is a .303 , what they call a stove pipe , which means the round has slammed into another in the breach , might have been from a Bren gun or .303 browning machine gun , usually a automatic loading error , sometimes it happens with a bolt action rifle , if its rapid fire and loaded when the previous round has stuck in the chamber .
    Woww!! Thanks

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    Wednesday ~

    Another day off ~ I was going to have a day in but at midday did a rush pack and headed off ~ decided to work another 'camp site' which I have endeavoured to MD previously with very mixed results ~

    Weather clear .. and hot ` ~ but while a gentle breeze kept up it was fine... but that was not always the deal !

    But what started out as a search for a WWII camp site turned into ; ~

    Contemporary/ modern

    Amazing considering that 90 % were found in a 20 sq m area !

    One Mills grenade base plug ~

    One Stainless steel Men's ring ~ "AL X " Stainless ~ and a very nice silver necklace pendant ~

    The 303 shells read as ~ 54 CAC 7

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    As a post comment... the original reason I have swept this area repeatedly is that the area in the distance and on the foreshore ~ is a registered camp site of yet another Australian WWII campsite ~

    I have found almost nothing on the shore line even on this outing but a .45 calibre bullet head. !

    But on the immediate hill top I found large numbers of expended 303 blank shells. This of course tells me that at very least the hill was used at least once in a training exercise ~

    But the far shore line , stil under water is a very flat area ~ shallow which appears ideal for a camp site. But of course after some 70m years ~ and a number of periods of the dam levels dropping to as low as 24% ( currently 62%) either the site has been searched previously or the full site is simply not yet exposed ~

    And unfortunately as the annual Wet tropics season cuts in the odds of the water dropping even further diminish ~ although having said that the rain fall to date is well short of a normal year ~ So who really knows whether it will be a 'Bonanza year' for the amateur archaeologist !??

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    Great thread
    Maybe a photo of all your finds in one shot?

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    Michael ~ Mate ~ thats a BIG ask !! I will do a compilation of snaps ` Hows that ~

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    sounds good mate

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    That silver thing you called a "silver necklace pendent" is a clasp to suit a pandora ladies bracelet

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    Cheers mate ~ actually the 'Office lady ' at Work told me the same thing.. it is tiny but very cool !

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    A sampler ( michael) ~

    I was given a small contribution to my collection today ~ a Bandolier plus 50 303 ball with stripper clips dated 1959.

    But the nice surprise was a 20 mm shell still intact but disarmed ~that is contents removed ~ so played around with range of 'smaller' bores ~ 8 mm to 40 mm ~

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    Are you referring to the shiney brass cartridge in the last couple of photos as a 20mm? If you are, it isn't, it's a 50cal, but apologies if you weren't as I can see a 20 in your other picture

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