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Australian WWII - Far North Queensland Metal detecting and recovery

Article about: Hi Blokes ~ I am posting this as an going blog for interested parties that have been following my fossicking of (extensive) WWII ~ Far North Qld Australia . This area has been described in r

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    U could be the Utah Ordnance Plant, Salt Lake City, UT

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    Here are the Head stamps ~ of the 303 black heads and the .50 cals ~

    Intriguingly the firing pin Foot print on the misfired round suggests a Bren Gun (?)

    And the third .50 has different stamping.

    Appreciate any feed back BTW ~

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    It isn't HA on the 303's it is VII as in roman numerals for Mark 7. Hope that helps

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    MQ is for the munitions factory at Rocklea … The dates are just that dates… The rounds produced at Rocklea were ordinary Mk7 Ball cordite rounds… That as far as I know is all they made there.

    If it is MG (my old eyes) then you will be in luck as that is small arms factory at Footscray and they made a MK7 B incendiary round as well.

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    Defo a Bren fired .303.

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    Thanks for the feed back blokes ~

    The VII is a more obvious once reconsidered ~

    I found that small spill of 303's but most were past any value bar for scrap metal ~ and all had black heads

    But now here is another quiz for you knowledgable gentlemen ~

    "Terry" in Cairns found this last weekend in the same WWII site ~ He did not show me on the day but sent these through last night ~ he figures they are (metal) Corpral Chevrons ?? Was there ever such a thing ?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Terrys  stripes 2.png 
Views:	91 
Size:	120.2 KB 
ID:	657257

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Terrys  stripes.png 
Views:	88 
Size:	29.9 KB 
ID:	657258

    Hi Stuart,

    This is a pic of the front and back of that brass item found at the new site near Atherton. Length is 3 inches ( 75mm). Can see where there were clip attachments on the back of it.

    What’s your opinion???

    Last edited by AT P Sweep; 03-08-2014 at 11:25 AM.

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    My Partner Merete had an epiphany flash yesterday suggesting the Chevron may be part of a Miliatry bandsman's dressage uniform ~

    Good thought !

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    AIF is offline


    It's not anything I have ever seen before it could just be unfinished trench art

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    Good thought too ~

    I spent hours on Saturday panning through web sites with no luck ~ only US similar ~ but nothing the same as ~

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    Could it be like a button stick for a brass rank chevrons?

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