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Australian WWII - Far North Queensland Metal detecting and recovery

Article about: Hi Blokes ~ I am posting this as an going blog for interested parties that have been following my fossicking of (extensive) WWII ~ Far North Qld Australia . This area has been described in r

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    Thank you and your welcome - although it has been some time since I handled this ammo. I'm not sure whether the propulsion carts were cardboard wrapped in wax paper and yes I agree by now in this state they would have decayed and the propellant would have broken down and been washed away etc.
    Regards and good luck.


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    Thanks for sharing your amazing relics! Can I please ask if you can help me with identifying the Ink bottle that was recovered? Is their makings on it and is there a way of telling who or where it was used? I have a similar bottle that I am trying to place.
    Kindest Regards,

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    Thanks for sharing your amazing Relics! Would you please be able to help/explain the little Ink bottle you found? Is their any markings on this and do you know where/who would have used these? I have a bottle identical that was recovered in Port Moresby.
    I would love to find more information about these.
    Kindes Regards,

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    Hello. That's what happened in my findings on the Kola Peninsula. Who can tell what kind of icons?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Australian  WWII - Far North  Queensland Metal detecting and  recovery   Australian  WWII - Far North  Queensland Metal detecting and  recovery  

    Australian  WWII - Far North  Queensland Metal detecting and  recovery  

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    I have a lot of small bottles including I believe ink~ bottles ` most I believe are locally made (Australian) Bottles I don't think any f mine have makers marks or stamps~ for what it is worth some may even be medicine bottles ~

    The only ones I have with makers labels are sauce/ vinegar bottles ~ I am afraid I am of little help ~ sorry ~

    Yours is an impressive collection~ indeed ~

    Most of the Rising Suns were made I believe were made by a single company in Melbourne Australia~ there were a number of suppliers in other states as well as even the UK~

    But most of mine have no manufacturer stamps ~ But the badges have subtle or small differences ~ I do not suppose to be an expert I just dig them up~ LOL

    But you have a lot of totally unfamiliar badges and I assume not all are Australian , although Australia ands commonwealth countries such as Canada shared many similar badges such as the Artillery and the Armoured units I see on your boards!

    There ARE a lot of Australian experts that I believe follow my blog and are far mores skilled in identifying what you ~

    The most obvious the link on site such as 'Thanatos ', 'Lithgow', 'Australia' for example as dedicated collectors of Australian Insignia and badges ~ and the Blog is ~

    I am impressed with your finds on the Kola Peninsula ~ I am sure you are well aware that Australian troops were sent there in 1919 to combat the rebels of the Russian revolution~

    (Another one of those 'fight's that Australia haad NO reason or sane warranted prt in!)

    I hope this helps ~

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    Thanks for the answer. These signs are found myself in a German dugout World War II. Than you so good it clears badges from dirt?

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    I am very interested in where you found the Australian and Commonwealth badges. You say you found them in a WWII German bunker ~ but in the Kola Peninsula. (?)

    But how can this be as the German did not reach that part of Russia ? Do you know much more than my history says ~ or was it part of the Finland -Russia War ?

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    AT P Sweep

    Yes, I found them on the Kola Peninsula. I can provide a link to the channel YouTube? I shot a video about it, there are subtitles.

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    AT P Sweep

    German Division, which fought in the Kola Peninsula. In 1941 he took part in the destruction of the British troops in Greece.

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    A video would be cool Like to have alook for sure ~ Intrigued to see the area was infact occupied by the German Division ~ I learn something new (LOL)


    Stuart SS

    For your Interst ~ In 1941 Australian military forces were part of the force that fought that German Division ~ (Could be where the German soldier found or claimed the badges in fact! Sounds liek where he scored the badges!)

    THe Australians in fact fought the germans at the Thermopylae pass ~ the same place the Ancient Spartans fought the Persians ~ The result was similar as the Australians had no heavy weapons and the Germans drove the Australians back but at cost to the Germans!

    But the Australians told of digging ancient weapons when they prepared to front the Germans!

    Australian and New Zealand troops (redesignated the ANZAC Corps) undertook some very successful local fighting but withdrawal was soon inevitable. The occupation of historic Thermopylae Pass by Vasey's 19th Brigade was merely a respite in the retreat down to Athens.

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