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Back to the Bulge!

Article about: My last trip to the ardennes for a while, Not much to show except a nice nebelwerfer rocket or what was left of it . Next month I will be digging in Germany and meine douce Normandie. Cheers

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    Just going back to the .303's nobody appears to have mentioned the Canadians fighting in the Bulge (apoligies if I missed it!). The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (Can Para's) fought in the battle.

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    Quote by Inf Div 121 View Post
    Hi, Steven!

    Germans used only iron in Panzerfausts, because copper is too expensive.

    Thanks Andris,
    I got the proof of it this sunday, I went on a hunt in the same place with my buddy Bunghole and found another panzerfaust, but he was broken.
    The warhead (60) broke open and there was the cone.(the flat nosed cones are the top of the warhead)We also found another 4 cones, a few tailsections and bits and pieces of the tubes.
    2 cartridges, 1 7,92mm and a verry small bottle marked SandoZ. I will post pictures this evening.
    Ps: The wife came along and found a piece of a US telephonewire spool(DR-8)

    Grtz Steven
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    Quote by Grimebox View Post
    Just going back to the .303's nobody appears to have mentioned the Canadians fighting in the Bulge (apoligies if I missed it!). The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (Can Para's) fought in the battle.
    Thanks Grimebox,
    Do you know where the Canadian's saw action in the bulge?

    Grtz Steven

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    Quote by davejb View Post
    Steve, as mentioned before im off to the Ardennes this year, probably May, could you give me some info of areas to visit where i might be able to look for some finds, i know were going to Foy, Malmedy,and some surrounding areas but i definately want to look around the woods where the German lines were, also the allies , but i think we might have just a day in the area so hunting around in an area that could produce absolutely nothing would take a huge chunk from the visit, this will really be my first time looking for items on a battlefield proper, but i dont want to go to areas that are forbidden and end up getting my collar felt for lack of local knowledge, if poss could you pm me with some details, cheers dave
    I will send you a pm asap. But for a B&B in the ardennes try this site it has English translation on request: Bed and breakfast en charme hotels, Weekend in de Ardennen.

    Grtz Steven

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    Sorry for the delay on the pictures so here we go.
    2 cones from a panzerfaust.
    the broken warhead.
    the little bottle with the .30 call for size.
    A round piece of alluminium with green paint on it.
    If someone has an idea about it?
    A piece of a telefoon wire spool?
    A casing same dimensions as 7.92 but no p code there it is marked F s67 7 15,
    think belgian Mauser but I'm not sure.
    Just love this place, always something to dig up...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC04499.jpg   DSC04439.jpg  

    DSC04502.jpg   DSC04498.jpg  

    DSC04500.jpg   DSC04501.jpg  

    DSC04503.jpg   DSC04440.jpg  


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    These pictures are from last tuesday, had the day off so couldn't resist to go back.
    I'm still digging in the same area where I found the panzerfaust, got enough places to keep me bussy digging for a good year and the local's are realy friendly.
    I did some nice finds.
    2 20MM casings marked RH 20MM 1944 and 1943.
    1 Panzerfaust warhead, badly damaged.(it will be destroyed next week by the EOD)
    26 casings .30 call
    1 .50 call
    The rest of the items in the pictures, I got them from a farmer I met that day.
    4 AP .30 call (i have deactivated them) 1 I cleaned completly but it removed the black paint on the tip.
    2 tubes for 60MM mortar shell, they are in great shape. The lot number is still on them.
    5 7.92 cartridges 2 brass, 3 steel, one from 39 with roman number, two from 44 with the green lacquer still on them.
    I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC04489.jpg   DSC04492.jpg  

    DSC04479.jpg   DSC04482.jpg  

    DSC04443.jpg   DSC04445.jpg  

    DSC04447.jpg   DSC04485.jpg  

    DSC04477.jpg   DSC04488.jpg  

    DSC04484.jpg   DSC04493.jpg  

    DSC04471.jpg   DSC04491.jpg  

    DSC04446.jpg   DSC04441.jpg  


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    Some nice finds there You can clean the 30s without removing the black paint. I have done this on numerous occasions and do it by placing tape over the very tip of the projectile and then following the usual cleaning procedure. Saying that, I think they look better in reic condition

    Just in case you didn't know, your Roman numerals refer to the plating and lacquering companies. If you look at my pinned thread on headstamps in the ordnance forum it explains them there

    Oh, and the mortar transport tubes are awesome !


    Steve T

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    Thanks for the kind words, Steve.
    I will try the technique with the tape in the future (do you use masking tape?) and thanks for the headstamp info.
    I cleaned this one up because I didn't have it in my ammunition collection yet.(I will add the black tip again later on)Thanks to a new law every cartridge must be deactivated by drilling a hole on the side at the base (even for used cartridges), this realy break's my heart.
    The rest of them go's in the relic section of my display.
    These tubes were in a hayloft for nearly 65 years and just cleaned them up with a very soft paintbrush.
    I like them a lot and they will be a great addition to my small relic collection.


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    I do use masking tape yes, but try it on a 'tip' that is already in bad shape first, just to make sure the paint doesn't come away with the tape.

    I know what you mean about drilling holes but, so long as you do it carefully it doesn't look too bad. It's better to drill holes than to lose the lot if the authorities come round and confiscate it all and chuck you in jail !


    Steve T

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    Thanks for the advise on the tape Steve, I will do so.
    I've just ordered the smallest steel drill-bits I could find(1 and 2mm). They didn't specify how big the hole must be


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