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Back to the Bulge!

Article about: My last trip to the ardennes for a while, Not much to show except a nice nebelwerfer rocket or what was left of it . Next month I will be digging in Germany and meine douce Normandie. Cheers

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    Here are some picture's of the mortar tube lids I found on that position.
    There were about 20 of them in the same hole on the outer rim of the position.
    They were al heavely corroded except these 2.
    Also a big white enamel koffie mug. I think Brittish made but not sure at all, so all help is welcome.
    A piece of a cartridge, it looks like the backend of an old shotgun shell, but way to big to be one. It looks like the rest was made from paper or cardboard.
    A rotted spoon made of zink I think.
    Also 2 other items, pieces from a pair of glasses, but the last one is unknown to me.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC05141.jpg   DSC05137.jpg  

    DSC05142.jpg   DSC05131.jpg  

    DSC05129.jpg   DSC05138.jpg  

    DSC05139.jpg   DSC05134.jpg  

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    I don't think the mug is British as the marking seems to indicate five eights of one litre?

    Cheers, Ade.
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    That's the question I realy don't have a clue.
    Maybe someone knows the brand?


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    Hi Steven
    Very nice selection, its good to see the original paint on the lids. I think the cartridge base is one fired by a flare gun, these are often found on British airfields but were also often used in the front lines. I agree with Adrian Im not sure a British mug would be marked with litre markings.

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    Thanks LS,
    If from a flaregun, what caliber are we speaking of or gun?
    Because the base is almost 4cm diameter and is much larger than the usual flare cartridges I found there.
    I've tried to google the brand and the other markings, but came-up with zip, nada, nothing.
    I never saw a mug this big. Found it near a destroyed bunker, it was in a hole 1ft1/2 deep, there were a lot of coals underneath it.
    So I assume it was for cooking purposes (or to make the morning coffee).
    But I'm clueless to it's origin

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    Hi matey,

    Its from a 1 1/2 inch flare gun. Its the same as some of the ones I have found.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	scart.jpg 
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    Its the bottom one btw


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    Thanx Mouse,
    Yet again I've dug up Brittish ammo on a US Battlefield.
    I dug it about 200m from the mortar position.
    Can a member enlighten me if the brittish troops have been in the same area where the 106th Div. took the opening blow of Operation Wacht am Rein?
    Or if the US troops used this type of flare?


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    iam looking for a panzerfaust 60 warhead let me know and email me thankssssssss

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    Default Re: Back to the Bulge!

    The small brown bottle with the white lid is probably a pill glass. The Sandoz company is a very old company founded in 1866 as far as I remenber... So probably someone had a head ache... :-)

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