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Battle of Seelow Heights - Remains of German Soldiers Recovered 69 Years On.

Article about: Hi Guys, just seen this article in the Daily Mail regarding the recovery of soldiers remains from the Battle of Seelow Heights, a vital crossing point on the Oder and Niesse rivers leading t

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    Thanks Guys!!

    Dean O

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    so futile a lose.

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    Good thread buddy.

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    Great article, Ned -

    The pics are a great representation of how I like to see military archeology happen -
    I know it is not always possible - but, it pleases me to see it done carefully and scientifically.

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    Great article. Good to see recovery projects
    such as this. Thanks Ned.........


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    thanks to share

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    I like the fact they have a birch wood cross with a helmet, thoughtful

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    I was somewhat disappointed to read the Daily Mail issue on Friday making references to 'Nazi' soldiers again. I somehow doubt that these soldiers were NSDAP party members and I for one am fed up with this shorthand, ignorant and lazy term to denote anything to do with 20th century German history.

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    Let me guess ... the Journalist would have been in a german resistance group
    Germany is still full of Nazis and Swastika flags are hanging out of the windows.
    Hopefully the Journalist is able to find Austria on a map ...and no in austria are no kangaroos ;-)

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    I find threads like these very interesting.
    Thanks for posting it .
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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