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Battlefield finds

Article about: We left it all in piles on the ground. Our plan is to come back and mark the piles of mortar rounds and grenades on a GPS and tell the Estonian authorities. The big mortar rounds need to be

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    Default Battlefield finds

    Here are some of the items a friend and I found on a trip. This was on my first outing with a metal detector

    I was quite happy with the result.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture z.jpg   z1.jpg  

    z2.jpg   z3.jpg  

    Mudmortar.jpg   x11.jpg  

    x12.jpg   x13.jpg  

    x14.jpg   x15.jpg  

    x16.jpg   x17.jpg  

    x5.jpg   x4.jpg  

    x3.jpg   x21.jpg  

    x20.jpg   x19.jpg  

    x18.jpg   x6.jpg  

    x7.jpg   x8.jpg  

    x9.jpg   x.jpg  

    x1.jpg   x10.jpg  

    IMG_0621.jpg   IMG_0636.jpg  

    IMG_0637.jpg   IMG_0563.jpg  

    IMG_0598.jpg   IMG_0544.jpg  

    IMG_0476.jpg   IMG_0477.jpg  

    Helmets.jpg   IMG_0618.jpg  

    IMG_0570.jpg   IMG_0575.jpg  

    IMG_0580.jpg   IMG_0490.jpg  

    IMG_0498.jpg   IMG_0592.jpg  

    IMG_0548.jpg   IMG_0556.jpg  

    IMG_0481.jpg   IMG_0485.jpg  

    IMG_0487.jpg   IMG_0423.jpg  

    IMG_0451.jpg   IMG_0453.jpg  

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    Default Re: Battlefield finds

    Great finds mate , with out being to nosey , could you tell us what battle feild , cheers Raymond

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    Thumbs up Re: Battlefield finds

    Hi Scout

    Thanks for sharing, those are interesting finds. I assume these pictures where taken in the Ardennes?


    Nick VR

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    Default Re: Battlefield finds

    very nice ,for a first day!!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: Battlefield finds

    Thanks for the comments guys. You guys are not being nosey at all, Raymond: These pis are from Narva. Near the three hills where the germans held of a superior enemy for app. half a year at the end of WWII.

    As you can see there are amongst other things parts from russian tanks, a Sphagin PPSh and a Moisin Nagant Bayonet.

    Loads of rifle ammo, though most are in iron cases and thus rusted through. The few brass cases ones i found were german and were found at the site were elements of the 24. SS Regiment Danmark were dug in (see pic above)

    AFIK you have been there, Raymond?

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    Default Re: Battlefield finds

    Very great finds you got there, 24.SS regiment Danmark is from my home land and there is not mush reading stuff about them here, we only talk about the resistans in Denmark

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    Default Re: Battlefield finds

    By the condition and landscape looks to me the Tannenberg line, there is a special trench wire holders near the entrance to the bunker with sphere metal roof, exact place with that bunkers near the Lembitu farm....
    First picture are IL-2 37 mm gun shells

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Battlefield finds

    Please upload pictures to the forum. It is free and easy to do. See "FAQ" or the pinned thread in the helmets forum.

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Battlefield finds

    Just wondering did you burried the live ammo or what did you do with it

    Nice find's

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    Default Re: Battlefield finds

    Diemas, thanks for info about the Sthurmovik shells.

    About the location: We walked the three hills outside Narva but ofcourse only too see them. Everything on and around the three hills have been gone over countless times.

    What we did was go from the hills over the track and follow the route of the panzers led by Otto Carius. It was evident that altough locals and other people in the know had already been in the woods, it has not in any way been picked over like the area just around the hills.

    We spotted several other areas in the woods in another direction that quite clearly had not been searched like the more evident places.

    Eraser, We found way more ammo and grenades that is evident in the pics. Most rifle ammo is rusted through.

    We left it all in piles on the ground. Our plan is to come back and mark the piles of mortar rounds and grenades on a GPS and tell the Estonian authorities. The big mortar rounds need to be disposed properly.

    Does anybody have an idea about what the sheet of metal in pic number 16 from the top is?

    I am not sure, but could it be part of a primitive panzer schürzen/armor skirts for a Panzer? It was found not far from the route that Otto Carius' panzers took into the woods.

    How about the U-shaped piece of metal in pic number five from the bottom?

    Thanks in advance

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