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Battlefield Relics and Nighthawking-forum members opinions wanted.

Article about: Ok guys i am preparing a magazine article on battlefield relics and scourge of what is often reffered to as 'nighthawking'. While at a recent militaria show i spoke with one dealer who had q

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    Default Battlefield Relics and Nighthawking-forum members opinions wanted.

    Ok guys i am preparing a magazine article on battlefield relics and scourge of what is often reffered to as 'nighthawking'. While at a recent militaria show i spoke with one dealer who had quite an array of really interesting relics for sale. When i asked about the background of much of it he explained that some had come from sources that he had little knowledge about other than the items had been taken without landowners permit etc. He then went on to say "well if most dealers are honest with you theyd admit most of their stock WW2 relic wise had probably originally been 'nighthawked' as you put it, but what do i do should i not buy then offer on to collectors as these things have already been in circulation after all its a business with good money involved". I think the opinions of members on this would be usefull as i know that the illegal removal of battlefield relics not only removes the history of these items from the communities from where they are taken but removes the context from the relics themselves. Should they be left to remain in the ground and only disturbed by correctly sanctioned bodies such as museums and only removed for the purpose of entering into museum displays? Would like forum members views on this so a good write up for the mag can be put together. Cheers Tim.

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    hi Tim,a tricky question this,imo things layin around on top need saving,most museums already have what they want but should be offered the items for display 1st.if not wanted then the finder can do what he wants with them,as for illegal digging items if known notify the police ect.the danger of doing the right thing is the items will get scrapped out of what is the answer,I don't know.harry.

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    I like to relic hunt myself, However, there is no way I condone anyone digging on peoples property WITHOUT the land owners permission.
    That is just wrong and it is against the law!!!
    Just My Thoughts

    Dean O

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    Tim this isn't something new i'm afraid and has been discussed time and time again in numerous threads in this section , in fact to such an extent that i ask the question do we need to go over this old ground again and again and again ? A persusal of some of them will give you much information on the laws and customs of various countries where this sort of activity takes place.

    The forum policy is clear on these matters which is again stated in the threads !! These subjects have in the past led to many fractious discussion , the closing of threads , banning of members and whilst appreciating that you have not posted this thread to begin an argument i will point out from the outset that if this thread goes out of hand it will be closed very quickly !!

    Pages and pages of discussion on all forums including this one went on as a result of the Nazi war Diggers fiasco earlier in the year and the subject is a favourite of the British tabloids in particular the Daily Mail !!

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    There is nothing more to add from what Paul has said quite clearly and perfect. Thread closed.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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