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Berlin relics

Article about: G'day all, I bought my first ever relics a couple of weeks ago and they arrived yesterday. The two party badges were found in the Halbe Forrest and the other items were excavated from a cons

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    Default Some more photos of the Berlin Bunker for this with an interest...

    Here are a few pictures that have been around, but one was unique in that it is an AP Photo of the destruction of the Berlin Fuhrer Bunker that I just acquired and is dated 2/18/1955 that relate to this location in Berlin from this post…. for those with an interest… here you go…

    Berlin relicsBerlin relics

    and a couple smaller photos…

    Berlin relicsBerlin relics

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    Great relics guys.

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    Great photos Dan! Is the building in the background of the first photo the glass house in the reich chancellery garden? It's a great pic and really interesting with the associated press ticket on the reverse mate.

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    Not sure… I have the new DVDs with the computer rebuilt virtual reality of the bunker (there are 2) and of the Chancellery but didn't see the greenhouse part in them. This is an intriguing site - even to visit now. The ATB Intelligence Map of Berlin and their book Berlin Then and Now is a MUST before you go… great details and good solid info. Look to stay at the Ibis - former Etap at:
    Ibis Hotel Berlin Potsdamer Platzmore info‎
    Anhalter Straße 6
    10963 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 2576770‎

    Hotel in BERLIN - Book your hotel ibis budget Berlin City Potsdamer Platz (ex ETAP HOTEL)

    This will put you right across the street from the Topography of Terror - Old Getapo HQ in Berlin and down the street from the Chancellery… with the Luftwaffe Ministry on the walk to the Chancellery site - such an impressive city and loads of history.

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    Thanks Dan, I have the two DVDs on the bunker complex and the Berlin then and now book, they are very good. I will definitely be picking your brains before I go mate, I'm really looking forward to this trip already and it's not for another year and a half yet!

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    Very nice mate!

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