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Awesome story, it must 've been véry satisfying to be a part of this and experience this whole process.
Tell me / us how you experiences the funeral and the meeting with the family...
Quite moving, as i was "in service" at the time, i laid a wreath in number 2 uniform, met the family, and they tried to give me some personal items that were recovered from the "grave" I did actually refuse, and have kinda regretted it ever since. and they gave me a framed, printed "thank you", which was a nice touch.But the MOD did furnished me with full copies of birth marriage and death certificates of the other members of his family, including a family tree. That has pride of place in my collection.
glad I did it, and would do it all again given the chance, but i doubt if anything could "top" that day. Incidently when it all came to light all those years ago, many claimed to have found him, but only my friend and I knew things that others could not

As a footnote, it's surprising how things turn around, because when I was in Iraq in 2003, I was attached to the Fusiliers, I became friends with 2 members who were part of the carrying party on that day in 2000. Also an acquaintance in Canada visited the crater in 2006/7 and apparently it was a high light of the tour when the guide told the story of how George was found.
I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but if you visit the crater, and see the wooden cross that has been erected, it is placed incorrectly. He was found 2 feet back and four feet to the left That puts him in the under growth. Not good tourist business to have it there