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Bielefeld 2007.

Article about: Hello, Whilst serving in Bielefeld 2 years ago I had a little spare time on a weekend to go rumaging around in the basements of the surviving Wehrmacht buildings on camp. The items that foll

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    Hi Mark, I was with the "Movers Regt" in Catterick Barrack and in 1994/95 we had a major electrical overhaul of the building. During which time the disturbance of all the drilling brought some interesting finds through the wall cavitys and air brick vents, I retreived 2 x "Gott mit Uns" belt buckles, 1 x infantry combat badge, 3 x AA/Flak badges and 2 x Iron Crosses (2nd class) all in exremely good codition. Suffice to say I did not present them to the Regt. Once a RQ always an RQ, Always thought there is more within the cavitys but never got around to do anymore.

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    Holy S**T!

    Clearly I should've been spending my weekends knocking plaster off the walls!!!!!

    I lived in the Sgt's Mess annex, Catterick Camp, over the blokes cookhouse, there was a dumb waiter in one of the transit rooms on it was a makers plate with a date of 1935, I had plans to get into the shaft to have a look around but never got to it as I was posted soon after.

    Pity those items couldn't tell a story, would be interesting to find out how they ended up there.

    I think it used to be called Richmond Bks? further down Detmolder Strasse, it is now some sort of college but to the rear where all the accomodation buildings/MT and LAD were has now been pulled down, wonder what those construction workers discovered as they ripped the place apart!!!



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