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British Army dump - Amazing finds !

Article about: Thought you'd be speaking in another language by now, get back to your digging, and don't forget about our conversatation, and hurry up, bloody luvvies, all the same

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    Default Re: British Army dump - Amazing finds !

    now Steve, i to would like to join the sept dig so i will work on my post count lol, but a slight hint at location ie grid reference would be good .seriously though are we talking midlands, southwest ,southcoast,southeast it makes a big difference to the travel and fuel costs involved and whether the other half will let me go

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    Default Re: British Army dump - Amazing finds !


    First off, look at the date the thread was started. The September dig was a long time ago !

    Secondly, get your post count up and apply to join. Until then, the only location you will get from any of us is 'England'. We do not discuss sites outside of our private forum and, even there, rarely name them in threads. The walls have ears......or in this case, eyes.


    Steve T

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    Default Re: British Army dump - Amazing finds !

    thought it was for sept 2013

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    Default Re: British Army dump - Amazing finds !

    Nice video but I have to admit was disappointed to see the guy levering open a 2cm flak mag box just to get out what he already knew was in there,some rust converter or electrolysis at a later stage would have freed them up so they could have been removed without the help of the shovel...preservation rather than destruction for me even though many would say the box wasn't worth saving I do believe it was...

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    Default Re: British Army dump - Amazing finds !

    It wasn't. The guy levering it open was my son, and he was doing so on my instruction. The box had rusted right through in many locations and was not, in my experienced view, worth saving. Indeed, saving the crate would have meant further deterioration of the magazines themselves, something that I did not want.

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    Default Re: British Army dump - Amazing finds !

    Hense why I said rust converter or eletrolysis to remove them at a later stage as I am well aware of the possible complications leaving them in there(you just didn't read my post properly)instead of just tearing a piece of history apart for a video,sad a member of a preservation society would instruct an up and coming collector to do such a thing,regardless of how much experience you have!

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    Default Re: British Army dump - Amazing finds !

    I seriously hope I'm not the only one who was disappointed by this,if I am that is extremely sad and scary for the future of collecting as more and more pieces spend more and more time buried or in environments not suited to ferrous materials and more and more collectors start looking for any kind of salvagable relics..

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    Default Re: British Army dump - Amazing finds !

    I'll reply one more time to your posts then leave it at that.

    You were not there. You did not see the condition of the crate. You do not know what type of soil it was buried in. The crate was not 'torn apart' for the video, is was opened to preserve what was inside. The side of the crate you can't see had numerous holes in it. The bottom of the crate had numerous holes in it. The crate didn't have a lid. It was rusted through almost everywhere but the corners.

    Now, perhaps you would like to refrain from ranting at me in such a childish manner. 'It's extremely sad and scary for the future of collecting'. What a ridiculous statement. Have you seen what I have recovered and preserved?? Are you aware of the work I do to recover relics from important WW2 sites?? What about those sites that are due for development that we work on to get stuff out the ground before it's lost forever??? You don't know anything about me, nor the crate, yet you have tried and judged me with little or no knowledge of the situation.

    I hope you find a worthwhile cause to rant about soon, as this certainly isn't one that should be taking up my, or your time.

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    Did you find out why the 20mm flak mags were there?? i guess a souvenir for a soldier.. or maybe it was going to be a part of a guard.. We will never know. All the no 4 parts etc, do you think the rifles burnt and thoses bits were left or were they just broken parts

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    Never did daz no. We also assume they were spoils of war.

    Everything from this site was in A1 condition when it went in the ground. Nothing appeared broken before it went in, but many areas were burnt.

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