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British army dump dig - First dig of 2014

Article about: Hi all I had a couple of days spare so decided to visit the British army dump myself and the RRPG have been digging for the past 3 years. It has always yielded some nice finds, although the

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    Found it

    British army dump dig - First dig of 2014

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    Cool! I did have a good day!
    Not sure on the barrel, I will measure it when I get home.

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    Where were you digging for this stuff? Where you were when I left ?

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    Yes, where you left me. You shouldn't have given up so easily, I told you that you've been spoilt!

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    Hmmm....I feel another free day could become available......

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    Quote by Richard_J View Post
    Just spotted an exciting find in my uncleaned photo, the long part directly above the Sten charging handle is very similar to a Browning M1919 trigger.

    Edit: Thinking about it probably more likely M1917
    The same as my M1919 trigger.


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    As promised, pictures of the results of my new citric acid cleaning method.

    I decided to try this after seeing someone else recommend it. I used a 10% solution of citric acid, (100g in 1 litre of water). For these magazines, I cut the top off a 2 litre plastic soft drinks bottle, stood that inside a bucket, made up 2 litres of 10% citric acid solution, and dropped the mags in.

    Here is a reminder of what the mags looked like. Almost unrecognisable, covered in big chunks of rust, not just a thin coating!! This really was a hefty test of this method. I doubt even electrolysis would have shifted the rust off these mags as it was just so thick.

    I couldn't risk knocking excess rust off like I would normally do..........the walls of the magazines are just too thin. So, then went in like this.

    British army dump dig - First dig of 2014

    So. I left the magazines in the solution for 48 hrs then took them out. Disappointingly the big chunks of rust were still in place.

    It looked like a total failure.

    They were still heavily rusted up.

    Then I moved my finger along one and the rust started dropping off. I rubbed a little harder, again, just with my gloved finger, and big chunks of rust just wiped off.

    Grabbing a tough scourer, I gave them a damn good rub.

    I was amazed at the result.

    Sten mags, in the ground for 70+ years, looked like they were beyond all hope of saving........

    British army dump dig - First dig of 2014

    British army dump dig - First dig of 2014

    British army dump dig - First dig of 2014

    I heartily recommend this method to all relic hunters and collectors. Less expensive and fiddly than electrolysis, and a heck of a lot less toxic than oxalic acid !!!


    Steve T

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    Love it!
    Enfield mag is in the electro tub!

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    That's very impressive Steve! Where do you buy citric acid? I take it you're not just squeezing lemons. I use a solution called Deox C. It's expensive so only the really good stuff goes in it. I need something for a bath full.

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    Wilkinsons, in the home brew section, or any home brew place, and some pharmacies. Wilko's is best place though as it is 70p for 50g, and you don't get accused of being a drug addict
    (Drug users use it to aid the dissolving of heroin).

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