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British army dump dig - Second dig of 2014

Article about: by Steve T Shame I can't try it for fit! Those aren't Bren drum winders m3, they are latches off something. The Bren 100rnd mag winder had a semi-circle at one end with two flat pieces. We'v

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    More Piat bits!

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    Steve T,
    Excellent finds!

    When it comes to cleaning you might want to try Phosphoric Acid, I think it is basically what they make Jenolite from, and it knocks for six the kitchen cupboard methods.

    You can get the stuff from Hydroponic shops.
    I specifically used the blue bottle stuff when I did a Lafette 42 restoration:


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    Phosphoric acid will react with iron oxide ( rust ) and turn it to ferric phosphate. Kills the rust but blackens the object in the process.
    If that is not an issue then go for it. If the black is then scrubbed it will look fresh - but will rust again - and leaving the coating on will offer some long term protection.

    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Quote by eddy8men View Post
    it's not a 2" mortar sight, it's from a piat
    Well now we know where the PIAT designer got his inspiration from!

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    Thanks for the phosphoric acid tip. I did know of this method but am trying to avoid having anything too toxic in the house/garage !

    PIAT bits ! Now all we need is a whole bloody PIAT. There must be one in there somewhere.

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    Quote by Steve T View Post

    PIAT bits ! Now all we need is a whole bloody PIAT. There must be one in there somewhere.

    Yep, along with a Boys......
    When we going again eh, eh?

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    Couple of weeks. It will be a weekday though again.

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    Can you give me more than 8 hours notice next time, I want to keep my boss onside!

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    I take it that you guys realise if one of us finds a good looking piat in there somewhere and its not stig, we will never hear the end of it and I can guarantee that there will be a few new swear words invented

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