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Buried artifacts in Europe from WWII

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    Default Buried artifacts in Europe from WWII

    I see all these videos from relic collectors who hunt for WWII artifacts and find most of them buried underground by several feet. Now 65 to 70 years ago is not a long time in reference to historical events. Mother nature did not bury all these military artifacts in that amount of time. Some items are only a few inchs underground, however many are buried several feet. Can anyone tell me how all these, helmets, ammo, canteens, etc. wind up buried that deep in only 65 years?? Rarely are human remains found to my knowledge. Did POW's dig the holes then throw there gear into them? I need the education! Thank you in advance guys. Lee

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    It's relatively simple. The deep stuff is usually gear that has been thrown, lost or dropped in foxholes, trenches or bunkers. These are then filled in after the battle by someone. Sometimes they are filled in during a battle y a direct hit from an artillery piece or being rolled over by a tank. The shallow stuff has been dropped during movement or running battles, or just troops lying out in the open during a lull in fighting.


    Steve T

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    Hello Lee, This had always baffled me too,but I found out that in many places-particularly in ones with heavy winters-that artifacts on the surface slowly sink away when the ground is soft,such as in Spring when the snow melts and saturates the earth with water and partially liquifies it. When the ground Freezes then,the Frost (which begins on the Top)will actually push the item deeper when it hardens. When it thaws again,the cycle is repeated-again and again each year,until the item that was originally on the ground is now well beneath it and going deeper every year. 65-70 years is over 70 "cycles",so it is not surprising that the relics are so deep. And,as has been suggested,if they were originally thrown into,say,a shell hole or ditch,then they already have a head start going down,as the seasons and weather wash earth and soil into the depressions and cover them even faster. You see artifacts from several hundred years being found Way down deep-sometimes Extremely deep-from this endless cycling. This is why when you see documentaries on places like the History Channel of excavations in ancient sites,that the archeologists are working in Deep trenches as they dig. It's strange,but makes sense when you think about it! (Human remains are a different thing-they slowly erode and corrode away into little of nothing-the rate of which,of course,depends on many different factors,such as moisture,acidity,etc in the earth at place of burial. In many dis-internments of earth buried bodies-such as Jessie James,for example-the bodies may only be a few crumbs or teeth left over the decades-if anything at all. Old Jessie,the last time they dug him up was only a palm full of crumbs and that's only been abit over a century. In WWII sites,you may often just find a few bits such as tunic buttons,belt buckles and dog tags. The rest of the body may be well under way for total disintegration-clothing and all. On the other hand,if they are found in such places as boggy ground or preserving clay,they may be almost totally intact.) William

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    Well, thats the best explanation I have read so far. I actually have about thirty feet of fence around here which is sinking a bit each year. I guess many things take the path of least resistance! Jolly good!!

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