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Canadian grave markers?

Article about: Deleted as I will stop posting relics I find in France.

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    Thanks Ned , eaxctly what i was asking mate !!

    Feuerbach unless you comply with the above which as you have had to ask i fear you are not you are breaking the law in France and can be subject to severe punishment !!

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    Can i refer you to this recent thread !!

    metal detecting in France

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    Yes, I read this article in the news here. This guy was looting protected Roman sites, and making a living out of it. That's a total different ball game.
    I do not loot Roman sites, and always have permission of the land owners. It used to be a big deal in France to detect, but things have changed over the years. In fact since a few years there are shops in France that sell detectors, and if a plot of land is not protected, permission of the land owner will do.
    You do NOT need any paper work or permits. Protected land does not mean it has to be old, for example one can not detect on the beaches of Normandy, or around the battle fields of Verdun for example.
    I live in a very small village (18 farms) and we do not have any protected land here. I have permission of my neighbours to detect on their land. I have been told by the local historian there is an old Roman road from Arras to Calais that passes through some villages, and that I may not detect there because of the archaeological finds that maybe done there, and I respect that.
    Maybe it helps if you live here, speak the language, and know all the farmers. I spoke to the local police about detecting here, and it was no problem for them either. I don't know if they are aware of the 'law' about detecting, but they had a look in my showcase and liked it.
    I must ad I do not search specifically for Roman relics, or even military relics, nor do I search at night (like the night hawker from the article), and I only detect here in my village or on my own land. It's not my day time job, nor have I found anything valuable. If I do find anything valuable I would give it to the historian. I found four Roman coins (one being silver) but it turns out they are of no importance as they were not found together, and are not seen as a hoard.
    But like I said, I think it all down to me living here. I think the locals (and the gendarmerie) would have more problems with foreigners detecting here. I phoned the 'prefecture' once to ask what I need to detect here, and they told me I need permission of the land owner, and that they (the prefecture) do not give out permissions anymore like it used to be in France. So there is no such thing as a permit to detect in France, those days have gone.

    - - ------- - -

    And thanks Paul D for answering the PM I sent you.

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    Whether you are complying with the law is of course down to yourself to interpret and as you live there and understand the way things work in your area of the country if you are happy you are doing that then no problem. All i was doing was asking a question to make sure that things were above board as i or the other moderators will do to retain the integrity of the forum as per this link !!

    Please read before attempting to post in this section !!!

    This will happen to all who post here so don't take things so personnaly , unfortunately by removing your photos you have ruined your own thread.

    I did not reply to your pm as you had asked the same question in the forum and Ned had already given the answer so your sarcasm is not really needed thanks !!

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    This thread appears to have become rather redundant now unless the member reinstates the pictures he deleted. I advise him to repost them for the benefit of others.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    The laws here in Ontario are rather odd also, When I relic hunt I always get permission from the land owers..however the laws here are really dumb.

    The Ontario Heritage act has a codicil that says it is ileagle to remove ANYTHING that shows lands past human use..which says that if you are walking across a parking lot and see a dime on the ground, by law it is against the law to pick it up, yes I am nit picking here, but that's how the law reads..however as I work with several Historical Socieites and work with a couple of Museums, I have talked to several lawyers and Archies...
    Just get the proper permission from the land owners and if you find something older or of true Historical Value, let the athourities know..thats what I do.

    Sorry for the spelling, I cannot find my glasses.
    I would rather see these sort of things recovered ( leaglly) rather than have them rot in the ground.

    Just my thoughts.

    Dean O

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    In the UK you need the land owners permission, excluding sites classed as scheduled ancient monuments which might be on private land and be owned privately, but are still protected by law.

    As far as I am aware, though this is only hearsay and is old knowledge, in France detecting is illegal, but that does not appear to match with the earlier posts, so I cannot comment with any authority but it appears from the member concerned that the laws have changed. It would have been better if he had made the post stating this without removing the images of his finds.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Yes....You must have the autorisation of the owner of the wood and from the region prefect.

    our colleague read French
    En France, les vestiges archéologiques sont protégés par le code du patrimoine, art. L. 531-1 et suivants, et les objets historiques et archéologiques le sont, dans le même code, notamment par les articles L. 542-1 à L. 542-3.

    Détecter-prospecter, c’est contrevenir à plusieurs lois.
    Cela à un prix.
    Il faut s’attendre à le payer à un moment.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    in France, archaeological remains are protected by the Heritage Code, Art. L. 531-1 et seq, and historical and archaeological objects are in the same code, in particular by Articles L. 542-1 to L. 542-3.

    Detect-prospect is violating several laws.
    This at a price.
    Expect to pay at a time.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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