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Casing ID

Article about: I tried to clean it, but... ;-/ I will try vinegar solution... ;-)

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    It looks like a 7.62x39 grenade blank , the crimp has blown out and extended the length.....

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    If the length can be extended from that sort of round I would be inclined to agree with you. Thats a huge bottle neck casing.
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    Default Cassing ID...

    So...blank WWII...

    Anyway...Thanks all of u...

    Tomorrow, I think...I will take out this casing from vinegar solution..., so...let's see the 'mighty' headstamp...!

    Here is a piece of shrapnel cleaned in that solution...

    I found many pieces of shrapnel in the same zone...several of them have the same 'stamp pattern' (on the flat side...)...any idea about this ?

    Thank you .
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    In order to make the blank the case was extended past 39mm and then crimped.....
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