Battlefield archaeology is without a question one of my biggest interests, I've been doing it for 4 years now and spent thousands of euros in equipment, trips and guides. I always want to make sure that I am following the law as I don't want to loose my expensive detector or get a fine. When I was digging in Latvia and Russia I was with people who had license to dig.

Now I live in Moldova where I bought a license from the officials. I have been digging for soon one year here, every weekend (except for the winter) and I have not been able to find much. I have been reading up on history and no mayor battles happened here, only in Chisinau which is not allowed to go detecting (obviously) and in the break out region "Transnistria" where it is illegal to detect.

I am eager to go somewhere else and detect but it seems like almost every country requires either a license or going with someone who has one. A license is usually hard to get and going with someone who has one usually costs a few hundreds of euros. So my question is, is there any country in Europe where it is now legal to detect if you have permission from the owner of the land? I heard that in Romania it works like a fishing card, you pay the officials for the days that you want to detect and it's legal, I am however not sure how much truth there is to this statement.