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Darwin Area

Article about: Good Day, What a pleasure it is to find this thread. I've made its existence known to the folks that run the 380th Bomb Group Association. Those are the folks that flew B-24's out of Fenton,

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    Here are a few teasers of the area...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture CIMG1326.jpg   CIMG1330.jpg  

    CIMG1360.jpg   CIMG1896.jpg  

    CIMG1901.jpg   CIMG1903.jpg  

    CIMG0086.jpg   CIMG0055.jpg  

    IMG_0236.JPG   IMG_0572.jpg  

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    keep em coming!!
    btw what type of aircraft is the 4th photo there also looks to be one behind it as well

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    O)H now that is AWESOME.

    I love the way that, in Australia, stuff is just left lying around like this !!!! OH how I would LOVE to take a metal detector to these places !

    Those barrels on the receiver cover are just brilliant.

    MORE PICS !!!

    Steve T

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    I believe there are two B25's there. it is a place called Kalumbaru in the Kimberly. You need permission to go there as it is on Aboriginal Land. The last photo shows a sign at the wreckage of a B25 near Darwin. All crew were killed and the wreckage is spread and left as a memorial. I also have a pic of a B17 wing that was used as the roof of a bunker at an AA sit near Bachelor. More pics to come

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    More Pics.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture CIMG1747.jpg   CIMG1755.jpg  

    CIMG1758.jpg   CIMG1764.jpg  

    CIMG1762.jpg   CIMG1766.jpg  

    CIMG1767.jpg   CIMG1771.jpg  

    CIMG1772.jpg   CIMG1786.jpg  

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    Strauss Airfield

    The barrels you see are in a circle and are a MG pit, they used the barrels and sand bagged around them, they also did the same thing with AA posis, you see them everywhere and along the Stuart highway, I have seen the stacked 7 high in a massive AA posi near bachelor, will get pics when I find them! Straus was one of 4 roadside strips. The projectiles on the ground are from an old firing range where they would test spitfies and P40 weapons.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture CIMG1637.jpg   CIMG2104.jpg  

    CIMG2105.jpg   CIMG2106.jpg  

    CIMG2108.jpg   CIMG2109.jpg  

    Copy of CIMG1756.jpg   IMG_1133.jpg  

    IMG_1138.jpg   IMG_1154.jpg  

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    The trucks were in a ditch on the side of the road. I actually found those two machine gun barrels by accident near a place called Camp Rushmore, an old US army camp used by troops from the state where Mt Rushmore is. I was drivng around in my little four wheel drive and hid a puddle and saw the two shiny tips sticking out of the mate years ago was doing the same thing in another area and blew a tyre in a pothole, he had actually hit the edge of a buried crate which after a few days of digging turned out to be a crated willys jeep!, a few weeks later in the same area he found a crate with the wheels and tyres for it... Fair dinkum story, no word of a lie...... At Camp rushmore you can still see the pits the yanks dug then used local coffee rocks to trebgthen them

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    hi mate,

    The carted Willies jeep may be folk takes but some of my buddies in the army swear blind that they didn't even need to go looking to find stuff.

    Might go up there when i have the time (uni holidays?) if you could give me some pointers?


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    Amazing thread, please keep posting... I travelled a little a few years ago round oz, do you know Magnetic Island and its history?

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    Best place to start in Darwin is the East Point Military museum as they hav a great deal on display and have, when I was last there, maps of the major historic sites. And if your driving up the Stuart Highway, you cant miss all the signs pointing out various sites.

    Will Post more pics tommorow!!!!

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