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Darwin Area

Article about: Good Day, What a pleasure it is to find this thread. I've made its existence known to the folks that run the 380th Bomb Group Association. Those are the folks that flew B-24's out of Fenton,

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    Churchills head during the war
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 0268671.jpg  

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    Great photos and truly marvellous relics.

    I love Churchills head !! What a brilliant landmark

    Steve T

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    Great photos and a very interesting thread... especially as I live just down the road in Perth... ha ha ha! Some friends of mine have just gone up to Darwin for a week... wish that I had gone with them now... definitely a trip for the near future though, before the weather starts to warm up! Cheers... Hansi

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    More Pics of Bachelor (1.h hrs south of Darwin) this was the AA site for the nearby airfield. Bachelor was where Douglas McArthur made his famous "I shall return speech"[IMG][/IMG]
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_0974.jpg   IMG_0970.jpg  

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    This is a B17 wing from a plane that crashlanded and was scrapped. It was used as a roof for a dug out.
    On the rocky outcrop they put the pilots seat and used it as a lookout.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_0996.jpg   IMG_0995.jpg  


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    AA Site, Last foto is remains of camouflage netting.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_1000.jpg   IMG_0986.jpg  

    IMG_0990.jpg   IMG_0992.jpg  

    IMG_0993.jpg   IMG_0999.jpg  


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    Excellent thread

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    Well Mates, I gotta tell you this is one special board and one special thread. As previously mentioned, I know the folks that run the 380th Heavy Bomb Group Veterans Association, and I just received the following email from them.


    I'll be posting this email in our fall newsletter (out later this month)!
    Thanks for sharing!


    > Ted, Barbara,
    > Trust this message finds you well. I'm the gentleman that brought the nose
    > art to your San Diego reunion several years ago. I assure you, all members
    > of the 380th Association will find the information at the below link to be
    > of interest.
    > If required, I urge you to take a few minutes to join the War Relics
    > Forum. There is no cost and you won't get junk mail, then go to the above
    > link. Absolutely great, recent pictures of Fenton and the Darwin area.
    > I'm posting your website address on the forum at this site as soon as I hit
    > send on this message.
    > Cheers,
    > Rick

    So, next month, thanks to what you gentlemen have posted here, many of the surviving veterans that flew and fought out of the Darwin area will get to go back in time and see what their bases look like today. I also think that is great that the Aussie People and Government so honor their veterans. I was in Sydney for ANZAC day a few months ago and was duly impressed by the long parade of veterans and the enthusiastic crowds lining the streets.

    Lastly, having just done some work at RAAF Edinburgh, Adelaide, I am gratified to know that our two countries will always be allies ...if Obama and his ilk don't spend all of the defense budget on entitlement programs.
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    I am very honoured to hear that my pics have been usefull to veterans of the 380th, I had no idea that by posting this it would have such an affect. I have a lot more pics to post and will do so in the following days. I have been to Fenton on many occasions, both with the Army, we used to use the runway as a staging area for our Transport and as a person with a great passion for history. The wreckage of the bomber that crashed, causing the loss of its crew is left as is and not picked over by relic hunters, people seem to respect the site and look but dont touch, as I said I will go through my hard rive and post more pics of Fenton. Hoping these will bring back memories for all members of the association. I also have pics of the memorial for the USS Peary, which was sunk in Darwin Harbour causing the loss of life of most of the crew, the area is a designated war grave and a salvaged gun from he wreck is on display on the foreshore pointing to the wrecksite which is marked by a orange bouy. There is also a memorial to a US P40 pilot who lost his life defending Darwin.

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    Also, please feel free to use any of my photos if any member of the 380th cares to have a copy.

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