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Darwin Area

Article about: Good Day, What a pleasure it is to find this thread. I've made its existence known to the folks that run the 380th Bomb Group Association. Those are the folks that flew B-24's out of Fenton,

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    Here are some pics of the USS Peary memorial, though these are not my own pics.

    Also in the same loc is a memorial plaque with the following info, this came from a website on war memorials in australia

    Insignia of American Legion

    SHOT DOWN FEB. 15, 1942
    ___________ . . . ___________
    On Feb. 15, 1942, the P-40E Kittyhawk fighter of 2nd Lt. Buel
    was one of only two planes that were available for
    the defense of Northern Australia. On this date, both
    aircraft were sent to defend an allied convoy under
    Japanese attack, but only Buel caught up with the fleet.
    Before he was shot down and plunged to his death,
    2nd Lt. Buel -- alone -- downed a Japanese bomber and cleared
    safe passage for the allied ships. His self-sacrifice and
    valor became an inspiration to all who learned of it.

    With grateful appreciation
    the American Legion remembers
    USAAF 2nd Lt. Robert J. Buel
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 20090219ran8100087_018[1].jpg   USS_Peary_Plaque_Darwin[1].jpg  

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    A pic of an anti aircraft posi at Fenton, and some shots from the Darwin Air Musem of the first Zero shot down over Darwin, some nose art, a P40 wing and some Japanese wreckage, they also have a partialy restored B24/25 there as well.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_0898.jpg   IMG_1062.jpg  

    IMG_1064.jpg   IMG_1068.jpg  


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    I live in sydney and hope to take a long trip 1 winter to darwin and see other sites too such as ayres rock or should i say ulhuru and macdonald ranges.There was a big japanese air raid on darwin consisting 242 aircraft on 19/02/1942 with several ships being sunk including an american destroyer.Over 243 people were killed and the city was so severelly damaged that the australian army deserted the town and headed south fearing an invasion.
    The seaside town of broome, western australia also saw some action as this was the site of the r.a.a.f seaplane is said that some diamonds went missing after a plane crashed on a beach near broome and have not as yet been located.
    In may 1942 3 japanese midget submarines entered sydney harbour and sunk a r.a.n ferry killing 21 sailors when its torpodoes missed the usa cruiser chicago.The 6 japanese crew members of the subs all died and 1 of the subs was recovered and can be seen at the australian war memorial in canberra.The subs mother submarine fired some shells into sydney suburbs and did some minor damage to facilities.
    Hope this information is of interest to fellow members of this site.

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    G'day Ozzaroo,

    the Japanese certainly attacked more places thatn Darwin, I remeber as a kid in Sydney being taught about the attack in Sydney Harbour, but it was only until I was posted to Darwin did I realise the extent of the bombing up there, there is a map in the museum of Darwin city covred in red dots, the red dots represent bomb craters and they only show about half of them otherwiseit would just be a red peice of paper. The japnaese even bombed Katherine and there is still a crater on the side of the road. The dessertion by the Australian Army is a topic for debate, there was mass confussion in the city and only a few pockets of soldiers techniclaly Deserted......most of the population was evacuted to Adelaide River about and hour or so south and the intial plan was that area to be the fisrt line of resistance, but most military units held in Darwin and repeled the air raids for the next year and a half.

    I found it funny that when we were doing our training to go to Iraq in 2005, part of our role was supporting a Japanese engineer unit. The commander of that unit gave a speech to us and the first thing he did was to apologise to us on behalf of his unit for his country bombing our "beautiful city" it was a very sincere apology, he bowed and said he was ashamed at what his ancestors had done.

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    I don't believe it, Just looked up the 380th bomb group website and found out that the pic of the nose art "Qauck Wac" on the remains of the B24 in the museum as from one of their aircraft, based at fenton......

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    All along the Stuart Highway between Darwin and Adelaide river there were roadside staging areas for troops moving north. Today these are signposted and marked by unit associations as to who was where and when. Normaly you will see a rodside signe with a Unit Colour Patch and a bit of history as to when they occupied the camp.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture CIMG1740.jpg   IMG_0935.jpg  

    IMG_0960.jpg   IMG_0953.jpg  

    IMG_0940.jpg   IMG_0954.jpg  

    IMG_0955.jpg   IMG_0948.jpg  

    IMG_0951.jpg   IMG_0941.jpg  

    IMG_0946.jpg   IMG_0961.jpg  

    IMG_0934.jpg   Copy of CIMG1739.jpg  

    IMG_0933.jpg   IMG_0943.jpg  

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    Default Re: Darwin Area Fenton Airfield

    Some pics of Fenton Airfield and graveyard. The tank road wheel is from a Leopard AS1 left there probaly in 2003.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture CIMG1764.jpg   IMG_1116.jpg  

    CIMG1762.jpg   CIMG1772.jpg  

    CIMG1774.jpg   CIMG1765.jpg  

    CIMG1777.jpg   CIMG1763.jpg  

    IMG_1119.jpg   IMG_1142.jpg  

    CIMG1773.jpg   CIMG1771.jpg  

    CIMG1781.jpg   IMG_1115.jpg  

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    just a note on the USS Peary, the gun (arft?) was recovered during the scrapping process. There are various military vehicles and munitions still on the ocean floor including bren gun carriers, GMC 6x4 , motorcycles etc.

    the cats sunk off the beach can be seen at low tide and the diamonds have been found by local aboriginals.

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    It is my understanding the Peary wasn't scrappped and is still there as a war grave. The ships that were sunk near the wharf were sold as scrap to a Japanese company after the war, as well as the Guns from the east point battery. There are two catalinas at east arm in darwin harbour as well as the remains of the flying boat base there and at doctors gully

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    The Peary lies in 27 meters[2] of water in Darwin Harbour, at coordinates 1228′30″S 13049′45″E / 12.475S 130.82917E / -12.475; 130.82917Coordinates: 1228′30″S 13049′45″E / 12.475S 130.82917E / -12.475; 130.82917.[3] The wreck itself is a memorial to those who lost their lives in the first bombing raid on Australian soil and to those who defended Darwin.
    There is a memorial in Darwin in honor of the lives lost. This memorial, in Bicentennial Park, consists of a plaque and one of the 4-inch deck guns recovered from the Peary. This gun is aimed towards the Peary's resting place in the harbour.

    In the words of Peter Grose, author of An Awkward Truth: The Bombing of Darwin, February 1942, "The doomed yet magnificent reply by the destroyer USS Peary in Darwin harbour as Japanese dive-bombers swarmed around her deserves a place in the legend books of American military history".[1]

    From wikepedia

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