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A Dead WWII Soldier's Camera Was Just Found. You Won't Believe What Was On It.

Article about: So I found this on Facebook just now and thought I would share it because I've never heard of WW2 film being recovered before. "In the mountainsides of Luxembourg, a U.S. Navy Captain,

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    Harry, your film was not in the ground with humidity.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Quote by lebus12 View Post
    Harry, your film was not in the ground with humidity.
    I know that, I was making the point that film can survive and still turn out. Back in the 1990's there was a roll of film developed which had been left in a Leica camera by a photographer who went out on U Boat patrols in WW2. The film did turn out rather well, but some frames had been affected by salt water. Also quite recently there was a box brownie camera found with a roll of film in it. The film was developed and the pictures were shown on the local news in the NW area of England. They dated from the early 1930's.
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    I have seen battlefield recovered film before, don't know if any have been developed. Some interesting things at this site.

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    IMO and knowledge I believe that IF the prevailing conditions were right such as cool to cold environment and the camera was in a "sealed" condition it is possible ~

    on the flip side the reason for example that there are limited colour photos of the Pacific war was that the film needed to be kept cool and dry . Obviously the wet tropics is not conducive to film preservation !

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    I looked at the above links and see someone may have lied but from my own experience.

    About 20 years ago I bought a box full of household items at a Farm/estate sale and a camera (Kodak box, if I remember correctly) was in it, and it had a roll of film in it (camera was beat up and had been wet as the leather ?? covering was peeling off). I know wet is a lot different than buried for 75 years with rain and snow. But nevertheless an old camera hobbiest friend developed the film with scenes probably from 30's - 40's and all were still visible except some on the end that were exposed when I opened it not knowing film was still in it. So I think it is possible, even tho this looks to be a fake. . Richard

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    Bit of a bummer that this turned out to be fake.

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    Someone from Gunboards recognized the rest of the pictures (the ones that were not of the GI with the pipe and .30 cal).

    Here is the information (direct quote in his words): The first 4 pictures are in a book World War II A Photographic Record Of The War In Europe from D-Day to V-E Day it was published in 1962. (by ironhead69)

    I'm sure someone found a camera, and maybe there was even some film in it, but it looks like the story is just that.

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    FAKE FAKE FAKE here are scans from the book published in '62
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Book1.jpg   book2.jpg  


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    Quote by theduke635 View Post
    FAKE FAKE FAKE here are scans from the book published in '62
    This is such a shame
    Best regards,

    "Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also."
    Carl Jung

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