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DEUTSCHES KREUZ bodenfund in west Hungary

Article about: DEUTSCHES KREUZ und verwundeten abzeichen silber Ich bodenfund in west Ungarn. I Found in West Hungary.

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    I find on this place (forest) one SS belt buckle, i think DK also SS soldier own

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    Very nice Dk, reminds me of the Dk relic I used to own. If you ever want to part with it I would be interested. Though I doubt someone would want to part with this.

    Cheers, Pat

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    Cross is interesting, it appears to be a Deschler 4 rivet 'Heavy' type (unless there's another 5th central rivet behind the pin). The thing that catches my eye is that the pin is soldered to the hinge the wrong way around, or has been replaced or repaired and in doing so the whole hinge/pin has been inverted.

    You can tell this by being able to see the square sheared thick end of the pin where it attaches to the hinge. It would be interesting to know if there is a stamped '1' on the "inside" of the pin, but not all these later type of Deschler crosses were marked as such. It appears genuine though to my eyes, and as already said, a rare find.

    Regards, Ned.

    EDIT: My bad. Just noticed that the hinge is correctly orientated in the original, uncleaned, "as found" photo. I assume it fell off when you were cleaning it and you have reattached, or placed it, the wrong way around, correct??
    Have another pint Ned.

    Very nice finds friend.

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    Nagyon szépek !

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    Nice relics

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    very Thanks boys

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    Well Done .............Man. :-))

    b.r. Hacko

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