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Dig trip to Belyi

Article about: No not yet, but i will certainly try it. Cheers

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    Default Dig trip to Belyi

    I just came back from a short 3 day trip to the Belyi area. We have a friend there who owns some land that we could dig. Unfortunately after one and a half day they was preparing the area for a wild pig hunt, so we had to go to other places. Also we had planned to use a Lada Niva for searcing the area, but it was not possible so we had to use our Volvo and our legs. Because of this our search area became quite limited to say the least, but i will post som pics from the trip anyway. It was a really bitter pill to swallow, having all the maps and so on ready... We managed to find a German trench that had not been dug, and that was really cool. Hope to dig it soon. We also ran into some Soviet trenches of course.

    Pics from Soviet trench .

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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    Good photos Datrus, I look forward to seeing what you find at the German positions! Is that a Gulaš in the pan...? Looks good whatever it is...I can almost smell it!



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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    Here is some of the finds, among them Soviet hand grenade sleeves, hand grenade that we left behind, some mortars and so on. I have some items i would be happy if someone could identify, and they are.

    The cooling rib that looks like it comes from a double barrel gun. Soviet trench.

    We found some spent ammunition that i think is from MG 34 or 42 but the casings have a strange red colour i have not seen before. Maybe a chemical reaction i don't know but they are better preserved than the non red ones. They are stamped P 25 S 17 38

    And the small bottle neck round

    Attachment 243673Attachment 243682Attachment 243681Attachment 243680Attachment 243679Attachment 243678Attachment 243677Attachment 243675Attachment 243676Attachment 243683
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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    I also look forward to see what is in that trench, if there is anything. The food is a lot of beans and Tushanka( canned beef) which is really good stuff.

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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    Nice finds! Thanks for showing them.

    More please.


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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    Looks like that will be a good place , some good finds already

    Which area is Belyi ?
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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    Great pictures! Wish I was there to dig in the German trench.

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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Looks like that will be a good place , some good finds already

    Which area is Belyi ?
    It's the Rzhew salient, south western part. Very nice and interesting area. We met some local diggers on our first day outside our designated area, and they were really nice guys. No one cares a damn if people dig there, as long as you stay away from memorial areas, which is understandable.

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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    @ Ingrid. I will see if i have some more pics from this trip worth showing.

    @ Feurbach. You're welcome

    Yes the German trench will be really nice to dig out. We found the end of the trench where a MG position obviously had been. Spent casings all over the place only a few cm under the surface, both right, left and center. We followed the trench back and there was a lot of signals on the detector, but the spent rounds must be removed before it's possible to get an impression of what is further down. They simply disturb the signals too much.

    Somebody knows what weapon the small bottle neck cartridge is meant to be used with? ID on the cooling shield would also be very nice. I'm sorry we did not take so many pics on this trip, but because of the missing 4x4 car we had to walk a LOT. Here is some more pics but i'm afraid they are not extremely exiting guys

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    Default Re: Dig trip to Belyi

    Thanks Datrus! Did you ever try magnet-fishing?


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