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Digging in KURLAND

Article about: And this is short documentary about how we dug out Grossdeutchland soldiers.

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    Quote by don_kihotis7 View Post
    This is the place we should go digging
    We've been before mate it can be arranged !!
    The gates of hell were opened and we accepted the invitation to enter" 26/880 Lance Sgt, Edward Dyke. 26th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers , ( 3rd Tyneside Irish )

    1st July 1916

    Thought shall be the harder , heart the keener,
    Courage the greater as our strength faileth.
    Here lies our leader ,in the dust of his greatness.
    Who leaves him now , be damned forever.
    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

    House Carles at the Battle of Hastings

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    Freands yesturday digging! tank link in the chain of 30 pieces.Each link is 21 kilograms, without pin. Hard work to get more than 630 kilos of steel out of forest.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1453533_266371180176653_264940876_n.jpg   1455036_266371136843324_354956625_n.jpg  

    1466173_266371143509990_732521213_n.jpg   1468631_266371173509987_1603171997_n.jpg  

    1470168_266371146843323_1278755080_n.jpg   1470252_266371220176649_1733097198_n.jpg  

    1476178_266371186843319_1313797807_n.jpg   1476584_266371203509984_250797959_n.jpg  

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    HOLY CRAP !!!!!!!!!! What a find !

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    And now what to do with it?

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    Find the rest of it ?????

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    Must be traded! Or use the walkways joy of your home.... ))))

    - - ------- - -

    Not yet..! )

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    use the walkways joy of your home
    Woww ~ what a fantastic entrance pathway to the humble home ~

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    @Page 83 / 822 :
    The clear Plastik part ist from an german taktical map-tool (Karten-Besteck)
    Here is the modern german version:

    Google-Ergebnis für

    different versions:

    The modern german version has an tread in the middle...

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