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Digging in KURLAND

Article about: And this is short documentary about how we dug out Grossdeutchland soldiers.

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    Possibly British Lend-Lease? Maybe from a UK supplied vehicle - crew weapon?


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    It's not a Sten mag a believe. It's Thompson. Russians got Thopmsons with the Leand Lease Sherman equipment (including Colts, leather jackets and boots for a crew).
    Professional military tours to WWI & WWII batllefields in Western and Eastern Europe: Rhine, Arnhem, Normandy, Ardenns, Narva front, Riga front, Kurland.

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    It isn't a Thompson mag. Thompson mags are much thicker and have a distinctive rib along the back. This is also too long for a Thompson mag and has an overlap on the base piece. You can also clearly see reinforcement at the top of the mag which, again, the Thompson didn't have. Without having it my hand it is difficult to be sure, but it certainly looks like a sten mag. One thing I am sure of, it isn't a Thompson mag!

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    I concur, only the characteristics of a Sten mag.


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    thanks to share

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    I don't consider myself the greatest authourity on the subject but didn't England and the USA supply the Russian states with as much equipment as possible~ I ask would if this include small arms such as Sten guns ??

    After all if they supplied the Soviets with Sherman tanks ~ which seems some what of an oxymoron ?

    Purely to deliver the goods to the Russian states was a huge ordeal ~ and then to compound the issue the Sherman was hardly comparable to the T34 !?

    And the Sten gun was a very cheap (to manufacture) effective weapon ~ would it have been supplied in numbers ~ (or were they purely supplied to the resistance forces ?)

    Of course if it is not a Sten or a Thompson ~ ?????

    Just my thoughts ~ perhaps ~

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    Denmark or Poland, maybe - who both had Stens (supplied or home-made) of one type or another - google - Błyskawica submachine gun.
    Kurland is not a million miles away from either, but best I could think of geographically speaking.
    As to a reason for it being there - ya got me.
    Mp3008 used an MP40 mag, and wasn't in use in Russia.

    Fun to read about it anyway, I can get caught in a good history book or web-page and lose hours.

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    Quote by crites1234 View Post
    This one? I agree its interesting what is it?
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    Quote by LETLANDS View Post
    I'm sorry but what??........ take shit or what..? )))))
    Took poison and died.

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    Kurland is not a million miles away from either, but best I could think of geographically speaking.
    Well ~ maybe we could consider an Australian Owen ~ ( but that may ~ would be bordering on the fantasy World ~ )

    LOL ~

    Owen Gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Owen Gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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