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Digging in KURLAND

Article about: And this is short documentary about how we dug out Grossdeutchland soldiers.

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    Quote by AT P Sweep View Post
    Well ~ maybe we could consider an Australian Owen ~ ( but that may ~ would be bordering on the fantasy World ~ )

    LOL ~

    Owen Gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Owen Gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It would certainly be amazing, considering the Owen used a proprietary magazine quite unlike a Sten mag -
    *BTW a pretty cool design, with the ejector block at the rear of the magazine itself - it ejects downwards.

    The Australian Owen SMG

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    Pit Fighter

    And the design had amazing service record ~ and was even taken to Vietnam by the Australian forces ~

    I have heard though they had an issue with flash back (??)

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    The mag hanging in the tree is a mp40 mag...

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    Ha ha - It absolutely could be an MP40 mag.
    Here is a slab sided MP40 mag from my collection next to a WW2 era Sten mag.
    It is really only a matter of determining width - I can't really tell from the pic of the mag in the tree - what do the experts here think?
    It would be fun for it to be a Sten mag, but is more likely an Mp40/41 mag.

    *Edit - Sten on left, Mp40 on right.

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    You learn something every day ... Would have bet everything that being a sten mag ... Thanks!

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    Guess we'll never know, i suppose it was left to rot there as it ain't such an interesting item. If it was taken away and cleaned, pictures with it would solve the model question...

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    First soldier 2014.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1.jpg   8.jpg  

    11.jpg   12.jpg  

    13.jpg   14.jpg  

    16.jpg   DD1.jpg  

    1507004_295517703928667_1880066521_n.jpg   1507004_295517707262000_43092661_n.jpg  

    1507004_295517710595333_806696465_n.jpg   1507004_295517713928666_527644590_n.jpg  

    1507004_295517717261999_1101506184_n.jpg   1779829_295518810595223_759682700_n.jpg  

    20140208_103140.jpg   20140208_103220.jpg  

    20140208_103814.jpg   20140208_113416.jpg  

    20140208_113431.jpg   20140208_145041.jpg  

    20140208_145105.jpg   20140208_145111.jpg  

    20140208_145116.jpg   20140208_145129.jpg  

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    Good work as always, say hi to all the diggers from me. Hope to see you soon!

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    Well done guys.

    Cheers, Ade.
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