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Digging in Moldova

Article about: by Frundsberg Well, there are different rules in every country. For example in my country it is legal to dig if You have permission from the land owner (it is not prohibited to dig in histor

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    Garret 250 is not a bad choice for a beginner or for a person who does not want to dig too much:-). Anyway, most relics are not deeper than 10-15 cm so Garret 250 is quite OK for militaria. In Moldova there have to be much more interesting stuff than just some rust from the WWII.... like relics from the Roman empire for example:-). I do not know the local laws, is it at all legal to dig there? Please post some more pictures of the countryside - it is always interesting to see also the nature pictures of the different lands, not only relics.

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    Hi Frundsberg! Thanks for your info about the garret!

    Yes there are quite a lot of relics here, older then WWII, like from the roman empire like you say. The few diggers that live in this country are digging for those, not for WW2 relics. These are not leegal to keep for yourself but it's not controlled. If I should find something like this, it will be well documented and then turned to the most apropriate museum.

    Will post some photos here from Moldova!

    Chisinau (The capital)
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    Calarasi WW2 memorial
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    Cuza Voda
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    Pictures from todays trip. Finds are improving and today I found a lot of different kaliber casings and bullets, a lot of coins and also some strange part of Russian radio, probably from ww2.

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    Hey That does not look bad for a start mate

    The "gadget" is not necessarily from a radio. I think it's some kind of relay from a vehicle. It's Made in USSR but you know that already Дани. Will you go again soon?


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    Hi! The reason why they thought it was radio part is because of the text "PB" which supposedly is short for Radio in Russian.

    We are going next weekend as well if the weather remains good! Today was really nice, not to hot and no parasites alive!

    Also, does anyone know what year Moldova started using CCCP coins?

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    I borrowed a Garrett 350 EuroAce this summer, i just tried it at my weekend house and i found a metal bar that was about 25 cm long and about 5mm thick and it was in about 35-40 cm deep. And that was about 20 seconds after turning it on! It gave a very strong signal. My friend that detects quite often told me that normally helmets and GM cannisters and various equipment arent deeper than 20cm (unless they were burried). Im thinking about buying that detector before the end of the year, i was very satisfied and i only tried it
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    As Moldova was occupied by Soviets in 1940 it is quite obvious that there are many USSR coins.

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    The big casing is from a Volkov-Yartsev VYa-23 Aircraft autocannon.

    Volkov-Yartsev VYa-23 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Nice 23mm cannon cartridge the IL2 was armed with this big bugger, (as well as various other mgs )

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