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Digging in Moldova

Article about: by Frundsberg Well, there are different rules in every country. For example in my country it is legal to dig if You have permission from the land owner (it is not prohibited to dig in histor

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    Quote by Monuir View Post
    Just found out that the arrow head is a Scythian arrow head made in bronze. About 2300 years old!
    Wow, that find may help fund your next trip!

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    Hey everyone! So yesterday was the digging premiere this year in Moldova. I went with a friend to some fields and a dried out lake close to Chisinau (The capital of Moldova). We only found some coins (Mostly Bani, the modern Moldovan money but also a few soviet coins), not even one casing! We will try to do some more research and ask around to find better places to detect. It was also the first time that I brought my dog, and he was very happy and even helped to dig sometimes

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    "Yes! I find German winter camouflage hel... nevermind..."
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    Cool Danny, even you did not find anything WW2, except from the winter camo helmet of course Good to see you again and good luck this season. We will also start soon! Nice dog. What's it's name?


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    Dogs name is "Joseph" Don't ask about last name...

    Went to a forest last weekend, no luck, only shrapnel.. Well, at least I got to try out my new Camera and as always just being out in the forest is awesome. Leaving gray and dirty Chisinau for a day and spending time in the green listening to birds and breathing fresh air!

    I just ordered a Fisher F5 detector, coming here on the 18:th! Will be nice to see if it will be able to help me to find some more relics. Anyone know how steep the learning curve is on that bad boy? The Garrett Ace 250 that I use now, really only takes a few hours to learn all functions on hehe

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    The little lizard looks like he'd like to rip your kidneys out! lol

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Nice Lizard I use a Fisher F5 and is happy with it so far. Easy to use and understand

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    I read from a link in your 2102 thread asking about "Digging Laws in Moldova"

    .....Moldovan legislation prohibits any intervention in soil strata without official authorisation and all persons who violate the law can be penalised. Concerning archaeological sites or any others monuments, the law does not permit using metal detectors without written permission (authorisation) form the Ministry of Culture.

    "The archaeological heritage, as well as historical architectural and built heritage, movable and immovable, is not treated separately. Moldovan national laws address value, reservations and memorial parks, graves and cemeteries, archaeological and architectural monuments, and landscapes."


    If the above is correct, did you obtain such written permissions from the Ministry of Culture?

    If obtained maybe a legible image or scan of the documents would be good to see when such digging threads are posted on WRF?

    Was the "Scythian arrow head made in bronze...2300 years old" you found previously handed over to the relevant historical authorities and data about the find location etc?
    I collect, therefore I am.

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    It seems like you have not read my previous threads where I stated that I have been given a license from the proper authorities. I have no interest in posting my license on this forums, not only because it is against the law in Moldova to do so (people can easily take image and forge themselves one) but also because I do not feel obliged to do it.

    I've been on this forums for 4 years and I have seen many digging threads, but I have never seen anyone else been asked to put up a "legible image or scan of the documents". Why ask me?

    The arrow has been given to the Chisinau military museum. It can be seen on the first room to the right side.

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    I find this an odd request Stefan. Is it a new standard here on WRF that us who dig have to post copies of our permissions? What would it help? I don't blame you for not understanding how things work/not work in Eastern Europe. There are diggers around with "permissions" here who dig with no regard for the soldiers they might find, Soviet or German. They can show you a valid permission to dig. A permission they will have bought but none the less valid as it would have been given by the actual authority, but just for money. Things does not work here like in the EU i.e.

    Far from all here dig like this so to me the most important issue is "are they doing the right thing and correctly"! I can vouch for Monuir and his integrity as he have been a guest digger of mine. I also communicate with him outside WRF. If he say he handed over the items then that's what he did. He is only interested in WW2 items anyway.

    Regards, Lars

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    Quote by Anzel View Post
    Wow, that find may help fund your next trip!
    Comments like this do not help the cause, though the thread starter has answered this with honour.

    The recent mess about digging will obviously cast a long shadow over the activities of any involved in such, which is a shame for those who do it correctly, but expect there to be more questions being asked.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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