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Digging in Moldova

Article about: by Frundsberg Well, there are different rules in every country. For example in my country it is legal to dig if You have permission from the land owner (it is not prohibited to dig in histor

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    Default Digging in Moldova

    So as some of you know I moved to Moldova 4 months ago. It has not been easy getting all the equipment needed (GPS, Detector, camping equipment etc etc) down here, if you send something with the value over 200 euro (including postage) you have to pay a 40 % tax! And most things can not be bought here, just take the fact that it's not possible to buy a shovel in this country, completely stunning.

    Anyway last weekend I went on my first archeologic expedition and I would like to share the photos from it.

    I was asking around and a Moldovan told me about a forest in central Moldova. The Iasi-Chisinau operation was deployed through this area so it made sense. There is a place in the forest called "Borta Rusului" [Russian Hole]: "Soviet Army marching through this forest, they got trapped in a natural hollow and went under the ground". This is an old "legend" or "story" and it would be interesting if I could find out if it's true or not.

    Anyway two weeks ago me and my co-worker went out to do some scouting. The forest is located south of a village and we had to walk two kilometers of dirt road before arriving to the forest. The forest itself is on a hill and is 10 KM wide and 4 KM long. The highest point is 330 meters above water. Here is some pictures from our first trip there:

    Attachment 573366

    Attachment 573367

    Attachment 573368

    It looked promising so we decided to go back. We went for 3 days but did not have very much luck. On the second day we found our first casing, and spent a good two hour detecting around that area and came up with 14 more casings but nothing else. Unfortunaly the sun was starting to go down so we had to head back to base camp. It was raining heavy the rain after so we had to leave in the morning. I hope to go back there before the season ends to see if there is something else close to the place we found the casings. Here are the pictures from our trip:

    Attachment 573370

    Attachment 573377

    Attachment 573376

    Attachment 573375

    Attachment 573374

    Attachment 573373

    Attachment 573372

    Attachment 573371

    Attachment 573378

    And our finds:

    Attachment 573384

    Attachment 573383

    Attachment 573381

    Attachment 573382

    Attachment 573385

    I am a bit concerned that the reason why we did not find very much is my detector. Since it's my first one I decided to buy a cheap and easy detector. A garret 250 ACE. We did some field testing burying a small coin at 25-30 CM and the detector did not find the coin. I don't know if anyone else here has any experience with the Garret 150/250 detectors and can tell me what you think about them? They are not deep searching for sure, but I don't know how deep the relics would be. My guess is that they could get quite deep since it's a forest on a hill, when it rains the water goes down the hill and pushes everything deeper and deeper in the dirt. Just a theory..

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    Too bad you didnt have more time there. Very interesting this legend of a soviet force going underground there.Would love to come search for it

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    Very cool I found the thread so no need for a PM. If there are any river, lakes or ponds, long ridge lines in the forest etc, try there.

    As for the detector i don't know the 250 but one guy brought a 150 on one of our trips and it was worthless. I hope the 250 is better. The problem was a very long "recovery time" from when you are sweeping an object. Of course it could find things but...Not trying to make you depressed mate

    If you want a easy to use detector and not too expensive, get the Fisher F5. I am sure inka will agree on this LOL Try and bury some pot lids of aluminum and iron, or just some larger iron objects at different depths. Like 5-15-20 cm and see how it reacts. Detecting a coin at 30 cm is not that easy actually. Good luck on the hunt my friend! What the hell are you doing in that tree


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    Inka you are welcome, the more the marrier

    Datrus I think the 250 is basiclly the same just with a few more options like pinpointer, discriminator etc... I really want to get a F5 Fischer (After Timmys advice) but I am afraid it's to late already, the season is as good as over =/

    Thanks for the advice about where to search, much appreciated!

    Can't you see that I am scouting? haha

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    OK but you will still be there in the spring/summer i guess? Train a little with the detector as i wrote. At least you will know how it works and the 250 is of course better than no detector at all!

    There should be something there in that forest. I see fired Mosin rounds

    Ahh now i see. It was not a bear LOL

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    Yes I'll be here untill 1:st september 2014, so I have next season. When do you guys usually end/start to digg?

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    You should be able to start in late April or start May. Usually the roads get bad during October so the season ends there unless you have a really cool big truck. Like the one we drove together


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    I just wanted to thank you fine gentlemen for sharing your experiences with us...I always look forward to your updates and photos...
    cheers, Glenn

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    We should get an Us army Minesweeper truck they use in afghanistan to locate Ied,s and just ravage that forest haha

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    haha you bringe the minesweeper I bring the coffe

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