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Digging in Norway & Kurland

Article about: Hi everybody! I have been a lurker in these forums for a few years and found it was time to present myself and open a thread where I will post some pics from expeditions and finds. Some of t

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    +3 degrees!

    It's 37 here today which I think is getting quite cool, winter in the Gulf is on its way! brrrr...

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    mmhm,,not so warm

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    I can try on the next trip for demonstration purposes Iy's only for big holes and trenches where lot's of soil have to be removed.

    Get out there and dig you lazy sod!!!


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    Quote by inka View Post
    Lars,I`d like to see a video of this digging Method!
    Kiwi-just escaping the Winter like that,,its unheard of;p
    It was frost all over the ground this morning and even now when the sun is up its still only +3 degree celsius,horrible I might make a little expedition today,but not sure yet,feel a bit lazy today,,maybe it is relic cleaning day,,will know after some coffee
    Save the relic cleaning days for winter!

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    Nice fieldkitchen there.

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    Your definitely on the right track, so to speak...I'm sure you'll find some more interesting relics and thank you again for sharing your discoveries with us...we'd love to be digging with you, lol...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Great weather today,so after a bucket of coffee I went to the stables area to get some digging going..

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0306_zps924cdae2.jpg 
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    I wanted to dig a good signal I had heading back to my car the other day..As I opened a hole this flare popped out,,dirty and damaged..

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0303_zpse6bc21f1.jpg 
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    Next I was removing some sand from the hole,when something that felt like the mother-of-all-papercuts happened to my hand,,a long thin piece of glass stuck in it,,mmmm,,Guess who is investing in Kevlar gloves....

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0305_zps8000deab.jpg 
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    So todays expedition ended there With a remainder of taking it easy when digging with the hands,,home to clean the wound and order some gloves

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0308_zps2efc6cfa.jpg 
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    Ouch... battle scars Thanks for posting all of your finds so far though, kind of inspires me to go out and do some digging myself before the frost really sets in... not long till now... I'm just at a loss on where to go here in Trondheim.

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    I`lL PM you a tip Slados,,just promise to send me half of any gold you might findor a helmet should you stumble upon a few;p

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