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Digging in Norway & Kurland

Article about: Hi everybody! I have been a lurker in these forums for a few years and found it was time to present myself and open a thread where I will post some pics from expeditions and finds. Some of t

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    Thanks Steve
    Ah, I am quite happy with the Christmas gift ,my parents really stepped it up this time! I got a book "Frontkjempere" ("frontfighters") it was written by Karl Holter,he was the oldest Norwegian that volunteered to Waffen SS and fought by Leningrad. This is a very rare book and I have been looking for it for ten years. I couldnt believe I got it,and when I opened the front page I saw it was signed by Karl Holter,, totally gobsmacked

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    Congrats mate

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    Excellent! Congrats.

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    Sure is a lot of great items in this thread, well done!

    It may be a weird question, but have you ever had a problem with people confronting you while you were on hunt with the metal detector? I consider to buy one myself and search for some relics.

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    Thanks guys
    No, Kevlar, the few people I have met while out searching and digging just think it is interesting or weird

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    Soon be spring buddy, hope 2014 unearths you some super relics.

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    Got bored so I cleaned my workbench alittle to make space for another section of the room to display stuff on

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    Fine looking items!
    I have to ask, Kurland is Kurland in East-Europe, right?

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    Thanks Yes,Kurland , Latvia.

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    Some great stuff Inka, I must get up there and have a dig with you some day.

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