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Digging in Norway & Kurland

Article about: Hi everybody! I have been a lurker in these forums for a few years and found it was time to present myself and open a thread where I will post some pics from expeditions and finds. Some of t

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    I used a bit more than 10g pr litre,,prehaps 15g

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    This one also had a little cleaning. I found out that it is for an american howitzer shell container , not sure about the caliber though but from the stencil traces it ends on 5 , so 45,75 or 105 cm , and the width of the lid is 10,5 cm so probably 75 or 105 then I guess..

    Digging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & Kurland

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    Since I found the motorcycle skis this summer I ve tried finding out what bike they belonged to and today I had some result. A collector contacted me and could inform me they belong to a Ariel. Very nice to know what my rust is

    Digging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & Kurland

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    Nice finds as usual -- and nicely cleaned up as well!

    Where do you get the oxalic from here in Norway btw? Apoteket?

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    Yes,I buy it from Apoteket , in 1 kilo boxes. It is much cheaper than buying the tiny bottles they usually have.

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    As I suspected... thanks! Takker! Took receipt of a nice uncleaned wire camo helmet today and thought it might make a nice candidate for oxalic

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    Ooh,sounds interesting.Show us pics when done
    Here is a SBS on oxalic acid--> Removing rust from helmets - Hobbyhistorica

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    Very nice finds, a goldmine you might say.
    The reason I'm commenting is that it might be worth your while trying what I used for my Lafette 42 restoration (MG42.US) and that was Phosphoric Acid, which is available from Hydroponic shops. I'm pretty sure it's the ingredient that makes Coke do the same job and what gives it it's tart taste!
    I havn't got a clue how it compares to Oxalic Acid but for my purposes it stripped my light rusting right off, the rust removing equivalent of bleaching you could say.
    It also appears to have zero effects on paint so I would be confident to drop a relic into a bucket of it and leave it.


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    That guide looks very helpful --- I very much like how your relics turn out so I'll probably go by that one, thanks for the link!

    The only worry I have is that it seems to have been coated with something right on top of the untouched caked soil remnants, both inside and out -- doesn't look half bad really, not glossy or anything, but I would really have liked it a bit more cleaned up. Not only for aesthetics but also for preservation, as I fear the corrosion process is still going strong underneath the surface. When tapped it makes the desirable sound though, not like some where they give off a sound as if tapping a cardboard box

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    Hope it comes nice out of the oxalic bath then Slados

    A couple of weeks ago I managed to get hold of the enamelled inner container for the german hot food carrier,and I had a german fieldkitchen scoop laying around which also fits perfect

    Digging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & Kurland

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