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Digging in Norway & Kurland

Article about: Hi everybody! I have been a lurker in these forums for a few years and found it was time to present myself and open a thread where I will post some pics from expeditions and finds. Some of t

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    Very nice, inka! This is definitely the way to go if cleaning is an option/possibility... it's nice to see how much patina can still be preserved with the right timing and strength of the oxalic solution!

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    A interesting U.S lid I found ,fresh out of the oxalic

    Digging in Norway & Kurland

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    British helmet. I had it two runs in oxalic but there was only a few specks of original paint left under the rust

    Digging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & Kurland

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    Just a small clip from one of the POW camps I put together..

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    About a month ago I was out with the camera searching for some remains of a german gun emplacement. Batterie L÷dingen outside Bod° was armed with 4 15,5 cm field guns. Only one of the gun positions remains today. There is supposed to be a small underground complex around this emplacement but I couldnt find it.Maybe next time

    Digging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & Kurland

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    Looks, creepy that buddy,, Inka if you ever come across a Garand receiver give us shout bud.

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    Good to see an authentic relic warrior hunting down history versus that dude on pawn stars with the man purse who has most likely never got his nails dirty.

    Semper Fi my collecting brother!!! Happy digging!

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    Thanks a lot Rossi Next few months I will only be digging snow unfortunately but come April and I`ll be out in the mud again. Hoping for a trip to kurland during the winter though,them guys dig whatever weather it is and dont have that pesky perma frost we got up here

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    Yes Inka ~ And here Down under we are now experiencing high temperatures and a burning Sun ~ I got fired last Weds when we went out ~ We left the "camp site" very early and I neglected to put on a decent hat or Sun burn creme ~ and even worse the insect Repellent !

    Got Sun burnt ~ wind burnt and march flie/s bite me on the face and the hand ~ both bites came up a little nasty after ~

    But we had a great relic hunt so very little was lost ~ At least when the "Wet" arrives it will break the heat ~ and raise the humidity of course ~ but much improved~

    But in short we can hunt 52 weeks a year ~ and as we said to "Ed's " wife Sue ~ we have Too many WWII sites that need our attention ~

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    Ah,imagine that,digging 52 weeks pr year, some guys is just spoilt I am happy I found a pile of ice cleats for german horseshoes this autumn,,might come in handy,if I had a horse coz the roads is icy enough already

    Have a whole bag of these and started to clean them up now.

    Digging in Norway & KurlandDigging in Norway & Kurland

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