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Digging in Norway & Kurland

Article about: Hi everybody! I have been a lurker in these forums for a few years and found it was time to present myself and open a thread where I will post some pics from expeditions and finds. Some of t

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    Ahaaa you got them, you slippery bugger

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    You're really living the dream inka.
    I've been planning to go to Latvia since 2009.
    My friends wife is from Latvia and her family are keen to set
    me up once i get there.
    alas i dont think i will get there. Its becoming a pipe dream.
    most of my holidays are based on battle fronts and i always try
    to fit in a bit of hunting.
    this year its gallipoli. Really hope to find just a little bit of ww1
    History. Maybe by 2020 i will get to search those SS lines. Thats
    if you havent found it all by then. Ha ha.
    happy hunting mate!!! Im with you in spirit.


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    this year its Gallipoli. Really hope to find just a little bit of ww1
    Danger ~

    That would be pretty cool Hunt BUT ~ you would have to get licence or permits to dig in that zone, would you not ?

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    Good point AT P.
    I think you're not allowed to go digging around in gallipoli.
    I remember when I was a small child talking to my neigbour who served at
    Gallipoli. He used to tell me storys about running his hands through the sand and dirt
    and picking up machine gun bullets by the hand full.
    It has alway stuck with me.
    What i would love to do is the same thing at anzac cove and chunik bair.
    just one bullet is enough or any scrap of metal.
    I will be going to most of the major battle fields and will keep my eyes peeled for
    anything from ww1.
    I will try the grand bazaar in istanbul too for relics.
    A bayonet would be nice.

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    picking up machine gun bullets by the hand full.
    We don't pick them up by the hand full but I tell you we get very tired of chasing diging 303 heads up here !!LOL

    But you just never know after digging 100s or 303 projectiles and cases including Bren Gun shells ~ and literally caches of 303 rounds still buried after 70 years ~ yesterday I dug one I have never seen ~

    Seems it is a 303 tracer projectile ~ hollow and extremely and noticeably light in weight ~ a rare find considering that as far as my research say the British / Commonwealth forces stopped producing 303 tracer rounds in 1938 ~ well ~ in ground forces 303 ammo ~

    After all I am sure they used tracer rounds in aircraft which were armed with 303 MG ~ ( I may even stand corrected on this theory as it does not make sense to me ~ that they stopped producing tracer rounds prior to WWII ~ )

    I dug a LE bayonet but it was pretty well gone ~ and when I decided to go back and another look I couldn't find it ! AAhhhh!!! Fool!

    And worse still compared to the machette my new European contact found a battle field relic Machette and it's resulting 'clean up' in comparison, my/ the LE bayonet was a gem ! LOL
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    Are you digging near port douglas or west of Cairns?
    I think i have some old tracer rounds for a 303.
    We have some old ammo dumps and air strips from Ww2 in Rakaia.
    I really need to get a metal detector.
    There is tons on old bunkers and "nests" all over the place.
    used to go to godly heads as a teen and run around the old gun
    turrets and down the tunnels.
    cant get to them now since the 2010 and 2011 christchurch
    earth quakes. Road up is out and the whole thing is on a cliff.
    They had a grid in a bunker on the window looking out into the harbour.
    just like the battleship game. They would call the grid numbers
    to the big guns and they would wind in the setting and fire.

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    I / we are west of Cairns and covered areas as far the areas around Cairns and far West as Petford short of Dimbulah on the Atherton Tablelands ~

    Yes you really needa MD ~ The Garrett AT Pro as I have is a great compremise over price versus effective machine ~

    You may already realise I have a Blog Site in this same section. Not quite as big as Inka's ! LOL

    I will be doing another update in the next day or so ~ as we did yet another team hunt on Saturday ~

    Sorry but not trying to hi-jack your blog here, Inka ~ LOL

    Australian WWII - Far North Queensland Metal detecting and recovery

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    Hehe,no worries

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    The latest addition to my belt buckle collection. Got it off a friend in Latvia

    Digging in Norway & Kurland

    Digging in Norway & Kurland

    The rest of them--> Belt Buckles - Hobbyhistorica

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    Just stumbled upon this post. the pictures are fascinating.

    Thank You,


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