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Digging in Norway & Kurland

Article about: Hi everybody! I have been a lurker in these forums for a few years and found it was time to present myself and open a thread where I will post some pics from expeditions and finds. Some of t

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    Very kool! Glad it found a new home Funny you should post it today,,I was searching through some of my boxes today and in one of them was another coat I found many years ago. It is a bit longer, sort of mid thigh lenght..

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    That is a good looking one, well done!

    BTW the patch is hardly noticeable in person - for some reason the color separation on the iPhone highlights it?

    I am looking for a salty M36 or M40 "army tunic" Feldbluze to go beneath a reversable camo jacket now - on another mannequin, in my office, if you come across one

    Rake care and thanks again!

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    Finally,,from the deep forests of Kurzeme and dark valleys of Nordland; here is the book any world war two geek sleeps outside the internet to get their hands on..the Author, heavily inspired by Indiana Jones and Hunter S. Thompson, currently on a light celebratory red wine buzz, is proud to present the photo-documentary book about Legenda - the Kurland Diggers

    The Workbench - Hobbyhistorica

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    Very nice --- will be getting it

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    I will be getting a copy too Inka, when it is available from you and you can sign it!

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    Ooh,First day digging in Nordland today. Awesome day and some nice finds. I had a hard time getting to and forth the site as rocks from the mountain had fallen and smashed large sections of the forest and road going there. But, I knew there was rust on the other side so I fought through it, it was a bit scary though as more of the mountain can fall any time.
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    Full trip report here --> Forests of Norway - Hobbyhistorica

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    Good luck Inka,, hope you get some wonderful pieces.

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    Excellent bottles ~ always ready for bottles ~

    Looks like a great Hunt ~ well done ~ could be a good sign for the Summer ~

    Some days 'we' have to take a little risk to score the good bits ~ Well done ~

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    I was out again yesterday continuing on my pit at the gasmask mountain. It was exellent weather and had a few nice finds. Between the 110 little orange anti-contamination bottles there was a cradle for a Mg, bad condition but still a kool find. I also found two gamask canisters with the gasmask and everything still inside, happy with those. They are drying up atm so will take pics of them later. In the meantime here is some pics from my little trip

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    No matter how remote the area Im digging is, I always fill back the holes and try cover it up before I leave.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Not exactly standard thickness on this piece of glass,,wonder what it was for..
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    And ofcourse some relaxing and enjoying of the sun must be done when on expedition
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    The Mg cradle..
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    Lovely finds, especiallt the cradle and gasmask canisters! A bit of Solrik doesn't hurt in the sunshine either Need to find myself a ww2 dump to dig as well --- I've got the general bigger areas to search locked in but not sure how to zone in on possible dumps...

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