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A dream comes true

Article about: Hi Raymond, BKA - BandenKampfAbzeichen , also known as the anti partisan badge. Around here there was a lot of activity

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    Hi Guys , iv been collecting militaria on and off since i was a boy , as i got older my dream was to go to a battle field and find a German helmet. As i live at the bottom of the world in New Zealand there were no such battles where i could do this , so i had to travel. With the coming of the internet i was able to find some guys in Estonia that could take me out to these battle fields and hopefuly find my german helmet. So the trip was booked and the miss,s and i were on our way , very soon my dream would be reality.We met our 3 Estonian friends and in no time were there on the battlefield , and i found my helmet , we had stoped for a rest and our friend said have a poke around with the steel rod , we were in a swampy bit of ground , after a few pokes here and there i hit steel , i new straight away it was a helmet , but what type Russian or German , putting my hand down in the swamp i could feel the unmistakeable shape , German . I pulled it from its resting place of over 60 years ,time had been hard on it but it was out and mine , there wasnt a happier man on the planet that day i can tell you . Once again i thank my good Estonian mates for an awesome trip , i dont know if you want your names menitioned , but you know how you are , cheers guys Raymond

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    very nice pics Ironcross, I think I saw your trip report elsewhere and it was very interesting!

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    What a way to find a helmet nice to have your dreams come true

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    Hi Raymond, I think we all dream of finding a helmet like you did. They are such iconic items.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    yeah, dreams come true

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    my dream is to dig out a BKA ...but so far it is still a dream ! Glad that yours came true

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    Thanks for all the nice words guys , yes it was a day i will never forget, iv been back for another trip since the first one , just awesome finding these relics and learning so much as well , im going back in 2009 , im hooked big time . BKG excuse my ignorance but what is a BKA , what ever it is im sure theres one hidden in the forest with your name on it , cheers again guys Raymond .

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