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Dumping places discovered

Article about: Hi Guys, newbee here from Norway late last year we discovered 2 dumping places for German equipment and we have barely started searching them. One is in water and the other one is on dry lan

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    Quote by Vonforhud View Post
    Norway has troubles with its past as we have in Denmark.

    Skijeger bataljon Norge, SS Legion Norwegen, they have never existed if you ask Norwegian government. Same with Frikorps/Freikorps Danmark here, all documents stamped "secret" for 75 years.
    Why 75 years, do you think???


    Fan of Cornelius

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    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Great work Maxim, have they all been repatriated to Norway ?

    Interesting to see how many of them went through training with SS Geb Au E 6
    Amazing work Maxim!


    Fan of Cornelius

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    Excellent work. Good luck in the future

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    Quote by Atle M View Post
    thanks guys i have a few hundred pics to sort out but more to come
    Hi Atle, would be awesome to see some more of your photos from this trip... what's been shared and posted so far is very interesting, I think especially so for the relatively few of us norwegians on here Har du noen fotos av selve Hasselmannhøyden fra sjøsiden eller lignende? Sliter med å finne gode bilder online...uansett, takk for beretningen om denne ekspedisjonen hittil!

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    Hi slados. Sorry,been real lazy updating lately .. Must be when i got my ipad2,haven't touched a computer since i got it hehe!
    I'll see what i can do about it tomorrow. Thanks

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    Hi Atle, hehe..... I guess Ipads and such can be a bit of a bitch that way Whenever you have the time, looking forward to it

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    That's true Vonforhud (funny name) I know some here in Russia who found a Danish soldier from near Vilekie Luki with dog tag and all. Danish government would not even help them find his relatives....... He is buried in Russia. Damn it.

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    Quote by Blackpowder44 View Post
    I can understant the reaction of the Norwegen government. These men were renigades and traitors to their country. They were not forced to join the army of an occuping power, they joined up of their own free will, by any standard they were traitors. My father was killed in WWII and I have little time for some of the sentiments on this thread implying that these soldiers should be welcomed back into the country that they betrayed. John.
    No they were not force to go, but the Danish government encouraged them to do so. The Danish king personally signed permissions for Danes who was serving in the army at the time to step out of rank and join the Waffen SS. Communism was logically, at the time looked on as a threat to European culture, democracy, Christianity and so on, Government of Denmark took part in forming peoples mindset and thinking. The larger part of the men who went to the Eastern front did this to fight communism. My grand father was in German service and was not even national socialist, he was just a patriot. I find it strange you can sit here 70 years after and judge men from that time.

    Best regards

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    Denmark changed side to the allies in august 1943, when the Danish government resigned, because Germany wanted them to use death penalty on the very few saboteurs that was resisting the Germans.

    Ironically death penalty was used after the war on the Danes in German service.

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