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Dumping places discovered

Article about: Hi Guys, newbee here from Norway late last year we discovered 2 dumping places for German equipment and we have barely started searching them. One is in water and the other one is on dry lan

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    Great thread and great pictures!

    Really makes me wanna go out and search! Unfortunately in Sweden we are not allowed to search with metal detectors, without permission that is ( Pretty easy to get if you only have reason for it )
    I know some places around where i live that really had a lot of military activity going on, i even found live rifle ammo from ww2 without even looking.
    What metal detector do you guys use? i have been looking on the CS200 for a while
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    I use Fisher F5 and the Russian AKA detectors.

    Regards, Lars

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    Thanks harbard i use the whites mxt pro. Really great machine!

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