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Eastern Front Relics of more kind

Article about: Some battlefield relics from eastern front from last years.. hope you enjoy the posts

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    Default Eastern Front Relics of more kind

    Some battlefield relics from eastern front from last years.. hope you enjoy the posts

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    Default Hello and welcome all

    welcome all peoples
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 12167568_1656905944594457_1440931814_n.jpg   12170065_1656906097927775_12643277_o.jpg  

    12168063_1656906121261106_1094372364_n.jpg   12168132_1656906637927721_1734424342_n.jpg  

    12178983_1656905957927789_1107924175_n.jpg   12175853_1656905904594461_107108909_o.jpg  

    12178016_1656906644594387_998904013_n.jpg   12179456_1656905747927810_1138504782_n.jpg  

    10271336_1426355014316219_6890906644266758323_o.jpg   12170339_1656905984594453_1715276459_n.jpg  

    12170776_1656905987927786_1939634773_n.jpg   12170992_1656906181261100_1866067012_o.jpg  


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    Default next photos

    more photos
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 12169971_1656906094594442_248851255_o.jpg   12170814_1656906021261116_991027342_o.jpg  

    12171594_1656905861261132_1967900132_o.jpg   12177287_1656905834594468_2098706324_o.jpg  

    12177369_1656906077927777_548004287_o.jpg   12178242_1656906654594386_1420725557_n.jpg  

    12178320_1656906424594409_838600289_n.jpg   12179290_1656905947927790_437607437_n.jpg  

    12179486_1656905717927813_1342756719_n.jpg   12179646_1656905771261141_128955524_n.jpg  

    12179529_1656905727927812_885259906_n.jpg   12179839_1656906247927760_344813543_n.jpg  

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    here is youtube channel subscribe hope you will enjoy videos
    and here its site

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    Great looking stuff!!!
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Some interesting finds , where are you based ?
    The gates of hell were opened and we accepted the invitation to enter" 26/880 Lance Sgt, Edward Dyke. 26th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers , ( 3rd Tyneside Irish )

    1st July 1916

    Thought shall be the harder , heart the keener,
    Courage the greater as our strength faileth.
    Here lies our leader ,in the dust of his greatness.
    Who leaves him now , be damned forever.
    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

    House Carles at the Battle of Hastings

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    Very nice, I like the POW tags!
    I think Stalag V11/A was Moosburg, I have seen several of those dug tags from this camp for sale on the net over the years, I understand this was one of the largest POW camps the Germans had

    Dean O

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    thank a lot

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    eatern europe near Slovakia

    - - ------- - -

    yes it was

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    Great stuff! I'm jealous! I have just found some old coins, I wish that I was born in eastern Europe instead...

    What kind of badge is this one? (With the round swastika, sonnenrad)
    Click image for larger version. 

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