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Expedition to Ilomantsi

Article about: Is there a specific law? I've only heard that there are warning signs about possible live ordnance in the woods, but I think it's up to the persons themselves. If there aren't other people a

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    Default Expedition to Ilomantsi

    So I'am going to Ilomantsi later this summer, to do some battlefield digging. I've been there once (last year) and I only managed to find some shells and straps of barbed wire. This time I will do more research on the spots and I am reading a book about the battles that took place there in '44. It was the last true battle of Continuation War, where Finns successfully stopped the last major Soviet assault.

    I will post some photos here, if anyone is interested and if I find anything at all...

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    Good luck !!!!!!

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    Default Re: Expedition to Ilomantsi

    Thanks ! I hope that I don't stumble upon a bear, the mosquitoes are enough.

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    Default Re: Expedition to Ilomantsi

    Good luck! 75% research and 25% digging and you should be alright. I look forward to seeing your results on here in due course.


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    Default Re: Expedition to Ilomantsi

    Thank you! Research is the key! Without it, you will be just completely lost and end-up with nothing more then bottle caps.

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    Default Re: Expedition to Ilomantsi

    I have decided to go detecting in Kuhmo instead, where fierce battles took place during the Winter War. I heard from a local that the Ilomantsi area is mostly cleaned trough, but we will see if I will go there some other time. I've bought some 120 magnets x3, to get stuff out of rivers and lakes.

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    Default Re: Expedition to Ilomantsi

    I was digging in Kuhmo a few years ago not much to be found there these days 10 years ago was a differet story ,most of the well known areas in Finland have been dug over the years and these days i think you may have problems with the border guard or Police if you get found digging in Finland

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    Default Re: Expedition to Ilomantsi

    That is true, but I will still go and try to find at least something. I wonder how well the water areas are searched. I haven't heard of any problems with the authorities, expect if you are in the border zone without an permit by the Border Guard.

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    Default Re: Expedition to Ilomantsi

    I think the most scavenged area in Finland is the Suomussalmi, Raate area. I met an guy who had been digging there since the 80's and he said that he hasn't really found anything anymore.

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    Default Re: Expedition to Ilomantsi

    Well its up to you but i think you will find that the Battlefields in Finland are protected by law these days and i know of a couple of diggers have problems with digging in Finland and ended up in big problems with the Police, the border areas are a big no no ,In Kuhmo there are alot of areas that have warning signs warning of the problem with live ammo still laying in the woods and the local people and Police are aware of these places so will phone the Police if they see you near them .
    Just a word of warning make sure you arent breaking the law if you choice to dig the battlefields you dont want to end up with a large fine or in jail

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