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Falaise Relics

Article about: Bonjour all! I've just got back from my trip to Normandy (absolutely amazing), I'll post some pictures a bit later. But I found some interesting relics in the Falaise Gap. Obviously one is a

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    Quote by WoodyUK View Post
    Christ, you were brave getting the MD out over there mate...
    I had the Missus on look out..... a bad plan really because she yelled whenever any car approached within 20 miles of our location

    And yes, I didn't realise until just recently. The buggers changed the law again without making it public knowledge. Only found out through one of our fellow forum members

    That 20mm needs framing A real piece of history

    Steve T

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    The French law concerning metal detectors is very annoying, myself and a friend have been invited over to France this year by a friend of his. His friend lives just north of Paris. She lives next door to someone who has been digging up Panzer parts in the garden, and we have been asked to help. As far as I am aware we can't use the metal detectors in the search.
    I'm not sure if you are allowed to pick up stuff that you find by eye in France or not. I thought you were allowed, but I may be wrong.

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    from what you describe of the area and those involed there ,then it is most likely nnot matador parts ,im afraid i dont have detailed knowlage of german war time vehicles ,and i supose i went for what was familier to me , it would be nice to know where that bedding clamp came from though ,take care Lee,cheers ian

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