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Few relics from Romania

Article about: Hi there, i'm a neo-digger from Romania, intrested in war relics coming from the romanian battlefields from the WW2. I started detecting few months ago, choosing as first spot to explore an

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    Default Few relics from Romania

    Hi there,

    i'm a neo-digger from Romania, intrested in war relics coming from the romanian battlefields from the WW2.

    I started detecting few months ago, choosing as first spot to explore an area located in the Neamt county, where there were very heavy battles between romanian, german and soviet infantry. Being my first ''day out'' with the detector, and considering also the difficulty of the terrain (very dense forests and a lot of live ordonances) i wasn't able to penetrate much the area. On the spot, i tried to put in practice everything i've learned before getting the detector; especially when i found the mortar shell, which was discovered vertically buried in the ground, not letting me the possibility to understand if that was only a tail or the full shell. I dug on sides, approching by layers and ''steps''.

    I admit that i was very excited and drived about finding some more personal items, something more related to an individual, but i had no luck, and even less experience. I was truly drived crazy about all the high signals (AT Pro) coming from the hundreds of empty casing shells and splinters, which infested the area, but i dug out every signal. At some point (after few days in the area) i realized that in order to find more, i had to go a lot deeper in the forest and somehow risk more, where there was a terrible german artillery shelling with incendiary rounds, which turned the place in a living hell, buring in that place hundreds of romanian and russian soldiers. I wasn't prepared for that kind of ''mission'', so i scheduled a second visit in the next spring. My intention is to reach that specific area, in order to locate 2 mass graves, which are known by the locals, but nobody had the initiative or will to gave them recognition and proper burial procedure.

    Considering the very high value of the majority of the relics presented here, mine aren't pretty much…almost nothing but being my forst post, i considered that would be a better way to do it, hope that in the near future i'll be able to contribute with some better results.

    Cheers, whishing you the Best Holydays
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ddd.jpg   IMG_1571.jpg  

    IMG_1577.jpg   IMG_1618.jpg  

    IMG_1623.jpg   IMG_1690.jpg  

    IMG_1701.jpg   IMG_1702.jpg  

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    Hello and welcome to the forum , can i direct you to rwead the attached link to a thread please !!

    Please read before attempting to post in this section !!!

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    Welcome to the Forum, and thanks for showing us your finds...But -please- don't try digging out mortar-rounds, as they have highly sensitive detonators...And I hope you're not breaking any laws as well, of course...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Hello, and thank you.

    I've read the thread and i'm aware of it. I'm not a black digger, neither intrested of putting on sale relics. I have my MD legally registered to the romanian authorities, i dig only in areas outside the archeological national registered sites. I'll add also my intention of, at some point, hopefully being able to locate the remaining of several soldiers, in order to force the authorities to recover them. So, hopefully i'm not a BD.


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    @Bigmacglenn1966 Hi and thank you for your message. No, i'm not trespassing any law, i'm doing it in a totally legal mode. The live round were declared to the local police department. About the mortar round, i had a bit of thrill, but i was almost sure that it was only the tail (i dug a small tunnel on one side, so i was able to saw that the body was missing).

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    Thankyou for your reply !!

    If you are intending to carry out any sort of search for human remains you need to have contacted the relevant War Graves authority and have in place the organisational back up for them to be recovered correctly.

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    The area is named ''Borta Dracului'', and at its entrance, after the first hills in the woods, the trees starts to have crosses on them, sometimes also with short identification data (Filip V IT VI, Filip V. being the name, IT VI for Infanterie Tecuci VI). The area was heavely disputed, the foxholes being changed by the sides, depending of the succes of each assault or attempt to take back the positions. At some point i stumbled also on a different gravings, which i presumed in russian (any idea?)

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_1706.jpg  

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    @Paul D At the time of the first visit, i was only aware of historical informations, which coincided also with the local stories, which i was able to know, after having a talk with several locals. I did not found any human remains, but i was able to locate the area where surely there are a lot. The majority of the casualties and remains were collected after the battle and in the years after (also considering that the locals rubbed from the deads and battlefield any possible useful item) but there still a lot, mostly concentrated in an area where are located the mass graves. Any future step in this direction, will be communicated to the authorities, because that's also my final goal, to put some light on the case, and wake up the authorities. But i can give you just an example, regarding this issue:

    Very often, the locals which go in the woods after wild mushrooms, found human remains, even old wooden crosses with names on them. They alert the authorities, and the answer they recive from the local police is ''And so what? what do you want us to do about them? Leave them there, who cares? You're after mushrooms or after bones?''
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    for some govements it to much trouble and expense to bother.

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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    for some govements it to much trouble and expense to bother.
    exactly. They don't even imagine the possibility of taking care of such issues. Unfortunately we have here, in Romania, a lot of indifference from the goverment, regarding any possible historical duty..

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