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A few small finds

Article about: Just wanted to share these finds with you all. Although nothing special on the separate occasions I found them I got that sensation you get when you know the item hasn't been seen in 65+ yea

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    Default A few small finds

    Just wanted to share these finds with you all.

    Although nothing special on the separate occasions I found them I got that sensation you get when you know the item hasn't been seen in 65+ years!

    The Mills Bomb cases were found in my back garden! Digging the flower beds I thought the first, larger piece was a stone but in a split second realised what I'd just dig up. Fortunately a few years spent in the EOD world with the forces ensured I didn't mis-handle it and I ensured it was safe. Then a few weeks later I found the second digging in the opposite border! The area was formally used by the army and I guess the clearance teams didn't do the job thoroughly!

    The 30.06 bullet was from a firing range used by a regiment from the US Airborne and was unfortunately my only find that day! But I still got that rush when I dug it up!

    Lastly the German ID tag was from a former POW camp here in the UK. Again my only find but something a bit different for UK shores I thought!


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture A few small finds   A few small finds  

    A few small finds   A few small finds  

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    Nice hunks of 36m there Love the half a tag as well. You have now joined the 'German dogtag found on English soil' club with me and a few others

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    Thanks for showing...Who knows what other goodies may be hiding in that back garden of yours...?
    cheers, Glenn

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    Thanks Steve, it was certainly a 'rush' to find it and unexpected as well becasue the although the area was a former POW camp it also housed US troops which was the main reason myself and a buddy were there. Even though it was our only find all day it was well worth it as the look onour faces was probably priceless when we realised what it was! It's ashame I think it's too badly corroded to positively ID the individual but I'm chuffed to have found it none the less!

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    Thanks Glen, unfortuantely I've moved now but I'm sure Salisbury Plain still has many secrets waiting to be uncovered although being MOD land it is a no go. I was just lucky to live where I did and that no one else had dug the flower bed and thrown them away!

    P.S. Great to see you're from Seattle. My wife was based at Joint Base Lewis McChord and I spent many weeks last year out there visiting. Love Seattle and Tacoma and especially Century Link Field!

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    I wouldn't be disappointed about not being able to ID the soldier. The chances of tracking a German soldier are, unless you are a direct descendant, nil.....nada.....zilch. The German authorities won't release any info to anyone other than relatives. You may be able to track the unit, but that's all

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    Fair one Steve, I know we are the same when it comes to that type of personal info. His unit would be good though, I just need to gen up on German ID tag markings and see if that might yield anything? If not I'm still pleased to have it as part of my collection!

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    Well the last bit is the only thing I can make out, which reads 'ERS BTL' which stands for Ersatz Battalion, (replacement battalion). The rest of the info will give you the company info usually. This is quite common for German dogtags as they were issued with them by the replacement battalion they joined, not the unit they eventually ended up in. The only time you usually see a tag with the actual unit they served in, is when they lost their original and had a new one issued by their unit.

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    all I find in my garden is Bomb splinters.

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    Ah ok, every day is a school day! Thanks Steve.

    Must say this forum is a bloody gold mine for knowledge!!!

    Thanks again!

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